And Then There Were Two – Celebrity Apprentice

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Celebrity Apprentice started out with the task of making over a rising country star. Trace Adkins was on hand to assist Donald Trump along with Donald Jr.

To me and I think everyone else it was obvious who the project managers should be, Bret Michaels for the men and Cyndi Lauper for the women.

What a surprise we had when the men picked Bill Goldberg as the project manager.  They might have felt it was Goldberg’s turn as the leader of the task, but Bret made more sense.

Bret made several calls to some industry heads to find out about Luke Bryan and Emily West. After it was all over, he didn’t have a preference.  He felt he could do a good job with either singer.

The men got Luke Bryan and the women got Emily West. It was apparent early on the Luke Bryan knew what he wanted his image to be and he was very resistant to Bret’s advice, although he finally agreed to wear a necklace.

I think Trace had something to do with that when Luke said the chain was out of his deal he replied with if that’s outside your deal you need to adjust your deal.  Trace wears a necklace too.

Emily West was willing to do what every Cyndi told her, which was good for her.  It really was amazing how they were able to transform Emily.  She has a great voice and is energetic, but let’s be honest, she doesn’t have the appeal other competing female artists have like Carrie Underwood and Taylor Swift.

They both did amazing in their performances. Luke Bryan sang an upbeat song that got everybody tapping to the beat.  Emily West sang a slow song that brought tears to most everyone’s eyes that were present.  It was hard to say who did better.

The Drama

The women’s team started out like they normally do, everyone complaining about Cyndi.  I couldn’t believe Holly Robinson Peete was criticizing Cyndi and snapped at her when she didn’t let her complete her thought.  Apparently her thought was “think outside the box” because that is all she said if we take out the Cyndi criticism.

I felt bad for Cyndi on the task.  Holly Robinson Peete and Maria Kanellis were both complaining about her the entire task.  This was another side of Maria that we hadn’t seen before.  Before she had the attitude of let’s get the task done and check your emotions at the door, but this week she whined about how her childhood hero told her she doesn’t know what she was talking about.

This was the task that Cyndi was the best at.  Holly and Maria are aspiring singers and wanted to help, but Cyndi has done this many times and didn’t want to mess around.  The rest of the team had a great reason to blame Cyndi if they lost.

Cyndi did 95% of the task and Maria did the other 5%.  Maria did step up and coach Emily on how to interview effectively and the reporter, who had interviewed Emily a few times in the past, noticed a polished improvement in her.

Every time Cyndi would turn her back, Maria would step up and try to help to the point of annoying Cyndi.  I have to give her credit for that. Summer Sanders and Holly Robinson Peete didn’t step up other than when Holly complained in several situations.

On the men’s team it was the Bret show.  Bill Goldberg and Curtis Stone did what they could, but they did exactly what they should have and let Bret do his thing and tell them what he needed help with.  Bill and Curtis went shopping which is about all they really could have done.

The Boardroom

In the boardroom the men did a better promotional piece, even Sharon Osbourne was impressed and admitted it was better than theirs.  The judges thought the women did a better make over and ultimately the women won.  It was a tough one to call. Bret did a great job for the men.

There were only three left and nobody could guess who would be fired.  Trump asked Bret who should be fired and Bret said he didn’t want to be fired but accepted responsibility for the loss.

When Donald asked Curtis who he should fire, I was hoping Curtis would say nobody but instead he said Bret because Bret was in charge of creative.  Goldberg didn’t through out a name, but said Bret did 95% of the work.  When Trump said he may have delegated too much he changed the number to 87% and then later changed the number again to 70%.

Donald Trump is not consistent when deciding who to fire. So far the only sure thing you can count on is if you volunteer to go back to the board room, you will be fired. Other than that you could be fired because you came up with the idea during brainstorming, you did the majority of the work, you didn’t contribute, you didn’t fight to save yourself, you got a DUI a year ago, you were in charge of a certain task that may have contributed to the loss, you were the project manager, etc.

You could also be safe from being fired for many of the same reasons. He fired Bill Goldberg because he was the project manager instead of Bret Michaels.  I think Goldberg did the right thing and shouldn’t have been fired. If Bret was the project manager there wouldn’t have been anything different.

I didn’t want to see any of them go. They were having a lot of fun and were meshing well.  The women deal with a lot of contention and they need to be weeded out.

There are two men left and five women so next week I think either Michael Johnson will come back or one of the women will come over to the men’s team.   My guess is it will be Maria, Holly, or Sharon

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