And The Winner Of Celebrity Apprentice Is…

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This week Celebrity Apprentice ended. The two teams were charged with creating a Snapple tea, a label for the tea, a commercial, and a brochure.

Holly Robinson Peete had a good name, Compassion Berry.  I am sure her tea was also good.  Passion fruit and strawberry sounds good.

Bret Michaels chose TropaRocka naturally. I thought his brochure and presentation were better.  His commercial was much better and he used his celebrity.

Holly should have used Curtis Stone in her commercial or Maria Kanellis, but decided to use actors instead.

The execs were all about Bret. It seemed Donald Trump was forcing Holly on everyone.  If they would comment about how great Bret was he would say Holly was great too.  It made me think he was going to choose Holly as the winner.

We saw Holly a different way today.  I must say that she earned back some respect.  She seemed sincere and nice.  It was really odd. Is she really like that and they edited her to make her the villain? Or is she a really good actress?

I am going to assume she was really like that and learned from watching herself on the show.  It must have hurt a little when her 5 year old told her he was routing for Bret.

She said one thing that stuck out to me.  She said that everyone was saying she was fighting for her son, but her son is going to be fine.  They have the resources to help him.  She was fighting for all the other families that don’t have the resources to help their autistic children.

I thought she showed some class with that comment and I was happy she said it.

Bill Rancic and Joan Rivers came in to give their input.  Joan said that it is between the brain and the heart.  She basically said Holly is the logical winner, but Bret is fighting for his daughter and he also just came back from a brain hemorrhage.

Bill surprised me.  He was all for Holly because she raised the most money for the one task she won.  Ivanka Trump finally said what I was hoping someone would say. She said Bret deserved to be there on his own merits.

Bret showed that he is creative and works hard.  He was 2 for 2 as project manager and refused to throw someone under the bus to win.

Holly showed she can raise money.  That was all she accomplished on the show.  She doesn’t have a creative side and she didn’t seem to work well with others. She lost two tasks as project manager and the polls showed the majority of the public thought she should have been fired just about every week.

To me the logical choice, if he was deciding based on everything they were able to contribute, was Bret.

Cyndi Lauper sang a song from her new album.  I must say it was odd.  There was a lot of harmonica.  It didn’t sound like the type of music Cyndi is known for. It had a country sound to it.  It won’t be a hit, that’s for sure.

Darryl Strawberry was asked by Trump how much money he won for his charity.  Zero.  Trump gave $25,000 to Darryl’s charity which is also a charity for autism.

Snapple gave $250,000 to both Bret’s and Holly’s charities so they both won in that regard.

It came down to the decision.  Last season Trump said to Annie Duke, Annie you’re fired.  He always says you’re hired to the winner.  Annie’s face lit up and went dark quick.  I felt Annie should have won over Joan Rivers.

This year he said Bret, You’re Hired.  I was glad.  I thought Bret deserved it and should have won, even without his near death experience.

Next year there will be two Apprentice shows. One will be the original type with entrepreneurs and the second will be another celebrity apprentice.

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