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The Oil Conspiracy

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I was driving down the freeway the other day and noticed how the gas prices continue falling (I filled up today at $1.43 a gallon) and wondered why our country wants to buy so much oil from over seas rather than produce our own.  We could have more control over the prices and support American made oil.  I decided to look into it a little bit to see what I could find.

From what I could gather, nobody knows how much oil is left in the world.  Nobody even knows how much oil is left from the oil reserves we already know about worldwide.  The theories state that the world will run dry of oil in about 150 years.  That is just an assumption and oil could last much longer or not as long.  After all, there are many sources of oil and there is even technology available to recycle tires and spent oil back into usable oil.  Cost is the factor.

My thought on the reason we buy so much or our oil for OPEC is because we want to use up the rest of the worlds oil before we use our own.  It is like the kid that waits until everybody else has finished eating their dessert before eating his own.  If the Saudis run out of oil, American corporations will rule the world.  That is until the government passes laws and takes them over “for the good of the people”, but that is another topic I don’t want to get into right now.

Oil is scarce.  There is not an infinite supply.  There is technology to make better use of the oil we have and even drastically cut back on the oil we use, but that would lead to lower oil prices so that won’t happen unless there was a way for oil companies to make a profit like with hydrogen.  Speaking of hydrogen, there have been engines since the 1970’s that could turn water into hydrogen to power a car, but why don’t we seem them today?

Eventually somebody with enough money and credibility will be able to cut through the red tape and spend the millions of dollars it costs to breakdown the walls preventing growth and bring a product to market that will benefit humanity by bringing about another power source that is cheap and renewable.