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New Years Resolutions

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The year is coming to a close which means it is time to set New Years resolutions.  For most people these are goals you plan on failing.  Many people don’t set them anymore because they are tired of the breaking them.  I was listening to T. Harv Eker talk about commitments and integrity again and he really got me thinking. 

For hundreds or even thousands of years a person’s word and honor were more important than anything else including life. Military leaders would lead their armies to almost certain death because they made an oath to attack.  Many countries still regard a man’s word as enough and don’t need written contracts.  If he gives his word it is as good as done.

In America we find something completely different.  Most people will say they will do something just so you will stop asking them.  We don’t take commitments seriously anymore, unless there is a contract involved and then it is probably only to avoid getting sued.

Think back of some of the times you committed to doing something that you really had no intention of doing.  Or how easy it is for you to break commitments because something comes up.  If you have to break commitments, get permission from the other party involved first and apologize.  

This year I am going to make my main resolution to keep my commitments.  What I commit to do is to evaluate proposed commitments and if it is something I do not feel I can fully commit to doing, I will not commit, but I will give it an effort.  One thing I want to commit to but need to work details out first is committing to prosperity and abundance.

Before I can fully commit to prosperity and abundance I need to spell out what it would mean to commit.  This why I will know what I need to do in order to be accountable to myself.  I am not only talking about finances when I speak of prosperity and abundance, I want to commit to all areas of my life including family, health, and spirituality.

This year stop letting yourself down and teach yourself that you have integrity and do what you commit to doing.  Your life will change from it and you will be much happier.

7 Year Old Hacker

Yesterday I was working on my computer and my daughter was playing games next to me on my wife’s laptop.  She asked me how to spell penguin and then seconds later announced that she figured out the password.  She told me that on one of the games sites she plays, a little girl used her name as the login and she wanted to figure out the password.  It wasn’t penguin.

I didn’t know how to react.  I am proud of her for figuring the password out, but on the other hand it is wrong to hack into other people’s accounts.  She said she wasn’t going to spend any of her money (play money) or do anything to hurt her account.  She was just going to play games to earn her more money.  That little girl had about three times the money my daughter had in her account.  I suggested she earn money in her own account.

She knows she shouldn’t hack into other’s accounts and she didn’t do anything in the account that the other girl would even notice.  Now I need to change my passwords in case she watched my fingers as I typed them in.

Christmas Oranges

Last night we read a short story entitled Christmas Oranges to our kids.  This particular version of the story is about an orphan named Rose that is moved from an orphanage with a kind administrator to an orphanage with a very strict administrator.  Basically Rose is not told the rules and only learns them from getting punished for breaking them.  She has never had an orange before and on Christmas oranges were donated for all the children.  She was so excited that during the night, she crept out of her room to peak down at the Christmas tree adorned with all the oranges.  

The administrator, Mr. Crampton, saw her sneak out of her room and decided to make an example out of her.   On Christmas morning he gave her the worst punishment any of the children have seen before.  She was to clean the rooms all by herself and she was not allowed to eat breakfast which included an orange.  That night will all the children went to bed they gave Rose a piece of an orange.

Our plan was to read the story and then all share a chocolate orange, but during the story a couple of our kids were acting up.  I warned them that if they didn’t  behave they wouldn’t get any of the orange.  When the story was finished, I gave a piece of the orange to Kaylie age 7 and Ashlyn age 5.  I told Brayden age 6 and Riley age 3 next month that they didn’t get a piece of the orange because they were bad.  

I fully intended on giving them a piece of orange, but I wanted to see if either of the two girls that got a piece of orange would share without any prompting.  Almost immediately after I told the other two they could not have one, Ashlyn broke her piece in half and gave it to Riley.  She wasn’t asked to share nor was she told she could have more if she shared.  

I was so proud of Ashlyn for sharing that I gave her another piece of the orange.  She smiled at me and broke it in half and gave half to Brayden.  I gave Ashlyn another piece of the orange for sharing.  By that time Kaylie caught on and gave what she had left so I gave her another piece.  They all saw what was happening by then and continued sharing their pieces of orange until the entire orange was gone.

After the orange was gone, I asked the kids what they learned.  Kaylie said she learned that when you share you get more.  That is so true.  When we are a good steward over what we have, we are given more.  Those that horde, never live in abundance. Those that understand people are assets and help those in need receive more because they have shown that they are not living in scarcity, but in abundance.   There is no shortage so manage what you have wisely, but don’t worry about whether you will get more or not.