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How To Spin Articles With Spinner Chief

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How I spin articles with Spinner Chief. I made a quick video that quickly demonstrates how I spin articles for SEO.

The secret to effectively spinning an article is to manually pick the synonyms rather than letting the program do it automatically. It does take a little longer, but the articles are usable and it is faster than writing several versions of the same article.

Here are the guidelines to use when spinning an article.

  • Every word in the title needs to be capitalized
  • Every word should be spun in the title if applicable
  • No indentation on the paragraphs
  • There must be a blank line between paragraphs
  • Spin every 2-4th word in each paragraph
  • Chosen words must flow together
  • Choose 3-5 synonyms or more if possible

You can get the free program by clicking the link here for Spinner Chief. There is a Pro version that has more features to make Auto-Spinning more effective.

What A Frustrating Mess

It has been a while since I last posted anything. There has been a lot of activity with my sites. A friend of mine had a biz opp membership site that he leased to me. On paper it looked like it would do fantastic, or at least to the numbers I was given. I dumped around $8000 into in marketing. The leads cost me $60 and the people would pay $2.97 for a three day trial. After the three days they would be charged the activation fee of about $99 and then it was about $44 a month after that.

The numbers work out if I get better than 60% activating. Well, I was getting more like 40-50% and then of those who were moving forward about 10% of them were doing a chargeback instead of requesting a refund which cost me an addition $25 on top of the refund.

We tried a few different traffic sources some of them had a little bit better retention rate, but nothing like where my expectations were set.  We added some upsells that helped a little bit, but after paying for leads, $5 per buyer per month,  and merchant fees I was done several thousand. I was able to pull a couple thousand out, but over all I was done.

The upsells gave me a glimmer of hope. That is until the new awesome traffic source had some fraudulent traffic sent my way.  The fraudulent traffic coupled with my merchant provider getting into a little trouble with the feds caused my account to be cancelled. When a merchant cancels your account they keep all the money that was coming to you for six months. They were also keeping 12% of all transactions for a reserve account.  I was using the money to pay the thousands of dollars in fees that I seemed to owe everyone.

I wasn’t the only one who had my merchant account shut down. I heard there were around 100 shut down that day including some sites that were running over $100,000 a month through. A couple of the other guys leasing the same system were also shut down.

The guy we used for the traffic tried to find a new merchant that would let us keep all the billings we had waiting to go. After two months of hearing tomorrow or next week I have given up. I had about $2,500 in rebills ready, but after such a long time I fear that if I ran them, they would mostly chargeback.

My friend in the mean time tried to set up an affiliate network for all of his systems and asked me to be the admin. I could still work at home and it looked like I could make between $2,000 – $6,000 a month so I agreed. I did a lot of work getting that setup and creating new sites for new users. I also added a lot of content for a separate offer where I would be one of only 3-5 that would share in the massive profits that were expected to come.  All this was based on commission, but the potential was huge.

Two months is a long time to go with out serious money coming in and after about 3 weeks of my friend and the guy we got the leads from avoiding my calls, texts, and emails I gave up. I had to go out and get a job, something I never wanted to do again.

It is a good job and it will help me to support my family while I work on my other sites. They will grow slower than I had hoped, but at least I don’t have to rely on them for income.

I learned a lot from this experience. I had another friend give me some good advice. He said never get emotionally involved in business. If it doesn’t make sense on paper then walk away.

I am on a new mission now. I need to get my money working for me and protect it from harm. I am still making a little extra from my websites and doing SEO for a company and that will help fund my new website that should help me finally make it.

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Spencer Smyth Music for Free

Spencer Smyth Music for Free. A friend of mine is releasing his music for free! He has spent several years and a lot of money composing his music and decided to give it away for free rather than selling it.

He is passionate about his music and wants to share it with everyone in hopes that it might help them come closer to Jesus.  All you have to do to get the free LDS music that he has to offer is visit his website that I linked to and download it.

He is available for firesides if you are looking for a talented singer and song writer to help motivate the youth in your ward or stake.

His songs can be embraced by all Christians and not just Latter-day Saints. The songs are all faith promoting with the goal of brining the listener closer to Christ.  Visit his site, SpencerSmythMusic.com and give his songs a listen. Let me know what you think of them and I’ll pass the comments on to him.

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New Year Resolution Time

fireworksIt is that time of year again were people all over the world make their resolutions. Resolutions are usually to exercise, eat healthy, be more productive, spend more time with family and loved ones.

Unfortunately the resolutions generally only last a couple weeks.  You may sign up for a one year contract to a gym, but get too sore after the first day to go back a second time.

Or you may go a few days of only eating baby spinach, but then you find a candy bar hidden in the pack of your pantry.

Resolutions only require words.  This year why not set New Year Results.  Results are really what you are after anyway.  Where resolutions only require words, results require action.

I was reading over the post I did last year at this time of year and I decided to keep my commitments.  I did keep my commitments for the most part, but there were some times where I did not keep my commitments I made to myself.

This year I plan to create results rather than words.  Of course I have written them down already and put them up where I can see them.

Results aren’t written in the future, they are in the present.  I wrote them as if I have the results now and now reality just has to catch up to the reality I have written.

Now we have a new year and a new decade ripe and ready for us to shape the way we want it.  I am excited to post in a year to see how things have done.

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Christmas Is Here Again

House decorated for Christmas.

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Merry Christmas!  This is one of my most favorite times of the year.  It is the time of the year where peace and happiness are promoted everywhere, even in the media.  I enjoy shopping with my wife for presents for our children.  Picking presents out and thinking about each individual child and imagining how happy they will be when they open their presents makes me happy just thinking about it.

Traditionally we would get together as an extended family at my parents house on Christmas Day for dinner, pie, and of course presents.  This year my parents wanted to pass on Christmas dinner and have Christmas dessert instead so each family can start their own traditions.

To me Christmas dinner with family was part of the Christmas tradition as I am sure it is with many families.  We’ll wait and see if this turns into a trend and if it does, my wife and I might start inviting everyone over to our home for Christmas dinner.

Another enjoyable part of Christmas is helping others.  Many areas have angel trees, giving trees, or some sort of organized system for people to buy presents for children that might not get any presents at all.  The act of giving makes me feel good inside.

If there isn’t an organized system that you are aware of or if you know of someone in need, take the initiative and maybe join together with a few other families and provide Christmas for the family in need.  Invite them over for Christmas dinner or drop a dinner off to them.

The feeling that comes around Christmas should be around all year.  Charity and peace shouldn’t be seasonal.  There are many ways to help others throughout the year.

Be grateful for all that you have and all that you will have.  Merry Christmas!

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The Perils of Facebook

facebookI signed up for Facebook about two years ago.  I didn’t really see what the big deal was with it, but since my family was making the transition away from Myspace I decided to try it out.  It was fun to be friends with family and friends.  I reconnected with many old friends that I haven’t seen in years.  Most of them I probably won’t see again, but at least I know how that doctor visit went.

After a couple months of checking out friends profiles and important tasks like that, I was invited to play a game.  I didn’t know Facebook had games before that so I accepted and starting playing Mob Wars.  With many of the games like that, it is advantageous to have a large number of friends in your group.  I added all the family and friends I had that played that game, but didn’t even have 30.

That is when I discovered you could add other people that played the same game and join their group thus making you stronger.  At first I would add a friend and delete them once they joined my group as was customary with Mob Wars, but then I was invited to scores of other games.

I was playing Mob Wars, Vampire Wars, Mafia Wars, Might of Many, Street Racer, Dragon Wars, Gangsters, Farm Town, Fish Wrangler, and a few others that I don’t remember.  Can you even fathom how much time I wasted on those games? I don’t even want to try to think about the hours that I wasted playing those games.

After a few months I realized that it was taking too much time so I cut down to about five games that I played everyday.   After more time passed I was able to wean my self off of more and now I am down to three.

Eventually I will cut them out completely, except for maybe Fish Wrangler because I have friends that depend on me for night fishing.  My problem is that I don’t want to stop playing some of them yet, but I know it will be better for me if I do. I still get my list of tasks done most days, but I could accomplish more if I didn’t have to check my Facebook wall.

As I was building my friend list to around 1,000 I was thinking that I will use Facebook to market products or services that I will offer in the future, but I will probably delete most of the friends and only keep those that are family, friends, or added through business groups.

If you haven’t started playing those silly games on Facebook, Don’t Do It!  It is a waste of time and distracts from productivity.

Update On The Restaurant Fiasco

In an earlier post, I mentioned the drama that took place around my wife and I selling BBQ from our front yard with verbal permission and a cop came and told us we didn’t have permission then proceeded to give me a ticket.

On a bit of a tangent, I was speaking with a neighbor who had stopped by to buy some BBQ about the situation and he said that when he was at the city office getting a business license a call came in from the corn selling folks about somebody selling peaches from their front yard a couple doors down from their tent.

The lady said if they receive a complaint, they have to investigate.  He said she didn’t seem too thrilled about having to call the cops on somebody for selling peaches from their home.  It made me wonder if somebody, like the drive-inn restaurant two doors down from us, called to shut us down  or if the cop that was called to stop the illegal peach selling operation was in a good mood and wanted “bust” somebody else.

We were scheduled to appear in court August 31 at 10:00am.  Charlie was going to be there to tell the judge what had happened, but was talking to everyone he could about it before then to try to take care of it.  He was finally able to speak with the guy that told him it wouldn’t be a problem.  The guy suddenly remembered what really happened when he was confronted by Charlie.  He was supposed to talk to the prosecutor about what he said, but he didn’t think that would do anything.

I think a city official saying it wouldn’t be a problem to sell BBQ from my front yard is a big deal since I got a ticket for not having permission from the city to do business in my yard.  I don’t know if he spoke with the prosecutor or not, but I think he did.

I got a call today from the city and they told me they dropped the charge against me and I don’t have to go to court.  I am happy the guy that “remembered the wrong conversation” to the cop didn’t have so much pride that he stuck to that story instead of admitting he was at fault.

There is hope for our city officials.

My Short Stint In The Restaurant Business

I have a friend that owns a couple BBQ restaurants in the area and since I have been layed off twice in the last 8 months I spoke with him about setting up a tent in our front yard.  I live on Main Street and there are commercial building around me with a stop light on the corner.  He thought it was a great idea and went to speak to the city about it.

He spoke with the guy that gives out the business license who told him that he didn’t think it would be a problem, and he would check with the city attorney to be sure.  If there was a problem he was going to call and let us know.

I followed up with Charlie several times over the next week to find out if he had heard from the city.  He had not so we set up.  It was the perfect day to do so.  The County Fair was just starting and our home is on the way to the fair so we get a lot of drive by traffic.

We started later than I had hoped and didn’t get the food there until after 3:00pm.  Business was really slow.  We sold one sandwich.

Just after 5pm a police officer came by and asked us for our city business license.  I repeated the information Charlie told me to say which was the guy he spoke with said it wouldn’t be a problem. Officer Friendly said that wasn’t true and there was no way the city would say that.

I promptly called Charlie up and told him what was going on.  Charlie gave the name of the guy he spoke with  and the officer went back to his car to call him.  About five minutes later he emerged from his car and told us Charlie had lied.  The city guy claims he told Charlie it wouldn’t be worth the hassle and it would cost too much to do it and not to do it.

That was a first.  I had Charlie on the phone so he could here what was being said.  Officer Friendly proceed to tell my wife and I that we had broken the law.  We repeatedly told him that Charlie told us [name removed to protect the corrupt] said it wouldn’t be a problem.

He then went on a rant about how dishonest Charlie is and how he is a liar.  The cop then told us he can and will give us a ticket for failure to obtain a business license because we broke the law.  We repeatedly told him that as far as we knew we had received permission from the city.

He had another officer come over to right up the ticket.  I asked our new friend how much it would be and he said he has no idea. It could be $25 or $2,500, at which point my wife teared up.

Our friend’s demeanor changed when he made my wife cry.  He wasn’t going to give a warning instead, but he suddenly started to defend us.  He told us how we will see what kind of person Charlie is when I have to go to court to see what the judge will do.  He said that since we thought we were doing everything right, he wouldn’t be hard on us but if Charlie was before him he would through the book at him.

Charlie is a good person and wouldn’t lie like that especially since we wanted to open a permanent restaurant in the city.   The next morning he went to the city building to talk with [the lying politician] who was out of town.  He spoke with the other city employee with her stereotypical government employee attitude, but had some luck when he recognized a guy that was there when he spoke the the main guy.

He explained to the lady that [soon to be unemployed] said he didn’t see a problem with it and would call if there was a problem. Charlie then turned to the other guy that was there and said something like, “You were there, that is what he said wasn’t it?” to which the guy replied, “Ya, something like that.”

The lady then explained in an abrupt manner that you cannot run business, even temporary, from a residence.  It either has to be residential or commercial.  You can’t sleep where you do business.

Amazing that the main guy didn’t think of that in the first place.

Charlie then went to the court to see about getting the ticket deleted.  He spoke with the secretary to the Prosecutor and after listening to Charlie’s story she said that she would call him back and let him if I even had to appear in court.

I sure hope I don’t have to go.  I know Charlie will take care of the fine if there is one, but there never should have been a ticket.

The moral of the story is, carry a voice recorder with you whenever you speak with a politician, government worker, or police officer.  If it is your word against theirs, the government is always right.

How the Disney Channel Promotes Delinquency

My kids are starting to get older now which means they shows they have graduated from Little Einsteins and Special Agent Oso and have moved on to Hannah Montana, The Suite Life of Zack & Cody, Wizards of Waverly Place, The Suite Life on Deck, Fairly Odd Parents, iCarly, Life With Derek, etc.  I do what I can to watch an episode or two of the shows that my kids like so I am familiar with what they watch.

The typical Disney Dad is Dead, Divorced, or Dumb.  The kids rarely show any respect towards him and they are always smarter and more clever.

The typical Disney Mom is Dead, Gone, or Dumb.  If she is there, she is working a lot to support her family and the kids are left to run wild.  The kids often outsmart her and sneak around without her knowing.

The other adults in the shows are easy to pull a fast one on and are often the butt of jokes.  Teachers, if there are any, are usually mean and strict.  The goal of the kids is to play pranks on the teachers and skip class.

Let’s look at The Suite Life shows.  Twins Zack and Cody live in a hotel or on a ship. Their mom is a singer so she is often busy.  Mr. Moseby seems to be more of a parent to all the kids on the show than any of their parents.  The twins are always getting into trouble and playing pranks.  They lie and are very destructive to the hotel or ship.  When the twins get into trouble, it is no big deal and the punishment rarely holds to the end.

These shows teach kids to misbehave, it is funny to destroy others property, adults are dumb, school is boring and a waste of time, kids always know what’s best, etc.

Sometimes there is an appearance of an adult that the kids like and respect.  Sometimes it is a grandparent or it could be a teacher so it isn’t always every adult that is part of the Disney stereotype.

The common response to these kind of points is, “turn off the TV”.  That is true and a valid point, but it is avoiding the issue.  If everyone turned off the TV, the networks would change the shows and only air programs that parents agree with.

There are still good shows on the Disney channel, but they are targeting toddlers.

The first place to start is to make sure you agree with the shows your children are watching.  If there is any content you do not agree with contact the Disney channel here to let them know what you think.  The page says it is for comments about their website, but the link that brought me there was for their television shows.

Screen the shows your kids watch and let the networks know when you like a show or don’t like a show.

Rick Koerber and My Journey Toward Prosperity

In April of 2006 I attended a free seminar that was going to teach me how to invest in real estate.  I was excited to make the trip because I have heard so much about Rick Koerber and FranklinSquires.  I arrived an hour early and procured a front row seat to be sure I didn’t miss anything.  I had a voice recorder and a notepad ready to go.

The seminar started and a guy named Les McGuire introduced Rick “The Free Capitalist” Koerber.  I had never heard of Les McGuire, so I was annoyed with how often he interrupted Rick to add his comments.  I kept thinking to myself, “this will never end if he doesn’t keep his mouth shut”.  What I learned that night has changed my life forever.  

I don’t think Rick even said “real estate” the entire night.  Instead he spoke about the founding fathers, the Constitution, and a dollar bill.  Although I didn’t leave that night with a plan on how to invest in real estate, I came away with so much more.  I was shown a path to prosperity.  The steps that I needed to take were not handed out, but I knew how to start.  I began reading more books and attending all of the free seminars FranklinSquires put on.  On two separate occasions I tried to sign up for one of the classes they had, but each time they were in a transition phase and would let me know when the next class would begin.  They did call me, but I no longer had the funds readily available.

A lot has changed in my life since then.  I am not yet living an abundant life of prosperity, but I am on the path.  The one thing that I remember from that night was actually taught by that annoying Les McGuire.  People are assets.  That made so much sense to me.  People create the value.  People are irreplaceable.  Cars, homes, investments, and even money are all replaceable.  I learned that I have value to create in this world that only I am able to do.  I don’t know what it is yet, but I am looking and testing things out.

Another important thing I learned was taught by Rick Koerber.  The price of an item is determined when you would rather have the item than the money and the seller would rather have the amount of money than the item.  When people complain about being ripped off because they found out they could have bought a car cheaper at another dealer, they are trying to avoid the responsibility of their actions.  If you want a car more than $20,000 and you trade $20,000 for a car and find out later you could have gotten the same car for $15,000 you should not feel you got ripped off.  You were happy to pay $20,000 because the car was worth more than $20,000 to you.

Since that seminar a lot has changed.  Les McGuire died in a plane crash.  It was after his death that I listened to archived radio programs and read his posts on a forum.  I wished I had listened more to what he said instead of dismissing him as annoying  for interrupting the speaker I came to hear.

Greed and unwillingness to be accountable crushed the real estate market.  Some of the FranklinSquires companies started to suffer. Rumors about Rick Koerber and companies he was involved in started to spread across the media.  Many people lost hundreds of thousands of dollars, homes, and friends because the SEC forbade Founders Capital from making payments to the investors.  Only partners were allowed to invest in Founders Capital so companies were formed to raise funds and those funds were given to a partner to invest in Founders Capital.  I had a friend that put $75,000 in through his brother who then went through Sonny.  My friends money was not lost, however, because his brother personally guaranteed the funds.  My friend got his money back, but I don’t know if his brother ever did.

I have never spoken to Rick Koerber so I do not know the true story.  This is a compilation of what I have read and heard. I know there are many people out there that want nothing more than to see Rick Koerber in prison.  I will reserve judgement and even if there was fraud, he still helped me start the path to prosperity and that can never change.

Now I need to go out and create some value…