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Jordan English Music

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It has been a while since I have posted anything about the other Jordan Englishs out there so this post will be about one of them.  I came across Jordan English Music while searching my name and listened to some of the songs he had there.

Some of you may think that it is another one of my websites, but alas it is not.

As for my music abilities, I have none.  I took piano lessons when I was a kid, but never learned how to use my left hand.  I also played the clarinet in fifth grade, but I squeaked too much on it so I didn’t play anymore after sixth grade.

I sing when I am by myself, but around others if I can hear myself then I am singing too loud.

From PureVolume.com

From PureVolume.com

His website has a calendar of his engagements  and a few songs you can listen to, but nothing about him or his group.  He is out of Lexington, Kentucky. The songs sound pretty good.

I found this image online. I am pretty sure he is the one in the middle.

His group is called Autifoy and here is their bio from their facebook page:  ”Autifoy formed in the Spring semester of 2006 when three fraternity brothers at WKU came together to revitalize the music scene at their campus. With a wide variety of influences, Aaron Jarboe, Jordan English, and Ryan Davis immediately began writing and conglomerating their ideas into what would become their demo album “Music For Attractive People.” The name Autifoy is derived from the Greek word ‘Adelphoi’ meaning “brothers.”

Autifoy is now currently working on tracks for their next album.”

They sound good and are worth checking out.

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What Does The Name Jordan Mean?

jordan_nameWhat does the name Jordan mean?  I should have answered that question long ago.  Some say it means greatness or the ability to stay in the air for an abnormal period of time.  It could mean to play basketball better than anyone else or it could be a great shoe.

Jordan is Hebrew in origin meaning descending or down flowing.  It is the name of a major river in Palestine, the Jordan River.  It is pronounced JOR dan and is a male name.  It is gaining popularity as a female name as is the case with many male names.  Female spellings often vary.

Jordan was first used as a given name during the Crusades.  It has gained popularity more recently by the famous basketball player Michael Jordan.

I posted before about different ways of spelling Jordan, but here is a list again. Jordaan,  Jordain,  Jorden, Jordin, Jordon,  Jordyn,  Jourdain,  Jourdaine, Jourdan

The nickname for Jordan is Jordy or Jordi.

In addition to being a river, Jordan is also the name of a country located in the Middle East and borders Syria, Saudi Arabia, the Red Sea, Palestine, Israel, and Iraq.

I am the king of Jordan, unless you are talking about the country and in that case it is King Abdullah II.

Now if you were wondering what does the name Jordan mean, now you know.

Jordan English Gross and Dorthy

Jordan English Gross has been in the news quite a bit lately in preparation for launching his new site Dorthy.com.  The website is geared toward helping people achieve their dreams.  It works like a social networking site and a search engine.  

If your dream is to climb Mount Everest than you would link up with others whose dream is also to climb mountains.  Any news that comes out related to your dream will also be sent to you.  This way you can stay current on the information surrounding your dream.

I think this site is a great idea.  As kids transform into adults they often leave behind all of their dreams and aspirations.  We are taught that we need to be more realistic and settle for something “more achievable” rather than pursue our dreams.

There is a cycle to dreaming, as a child our dreams are endless.  Sometimes we have well meaning parents or teachers tell us that only a handful of people get to go into space, or a public servant (police officer or firefighter) have a dangerous job and don’t make much money, or teachers often need two jobs to pay the bills.  They are trying to protect us from failure, disappointment, or heartbreak.  What they are really doing is teaching children that it is a waste of time to pursue their dreams, because very few people achieve them.

Why do few people achieve their dreams?  It is because few people actually pursue their dreams.  If we put our energy and focus on our dream, we will come closer to it and eventually achieve it.  A few of the keys to achieving a dream are:

  1. Write it down – if it isn’t written, it is just a suggestion and not a dream.
  2. Believe in it – You must believe you can achieve your dream or you won’t achieve it.
  3. Focus on it – Dreams are like plants and need to be nurtured in order to grow. Read your dream often and visualize yourself achieving your dream in vivid detail. Commit to it!
  4. Accountability – Tell somebody about your dream, but make sure they will support you and not criticize your dream.
From what I have read about Dorthy.com, it holds you to the above steps. You declare your dream, you are sent news items to help you focus on your dream and to keep it in your mind. You can connect with others that are also interested in your dream or similar dreams.  You can share stories and update your progress as a way to stay accountable for your dream.
For more information about Jordan English Gross or Dorthy.com, visit the respective websites and view this article from the Observer

Jordan Alyssa-Jade English

I like to keep track of what is happening on the web with those that have the name of Jordan English.  I recently just learned about a little girl born 10/02/2008.  Her name is Jordan Alyssa-Jade English and with a name like that how could I not mention her.  She was born premature and is still in the hospital today, but she looks to be doing great and should be heading home soon. 

Congratulations to the parents!

Different Ways to Spell Jordan

With the name of Jordan English, I thought it would be fairly easy for people to spell my name right.  Apparently there are many different ways to spell Jordan.  The most common is the way my name is spelled, with an “a”. The most common misspelling of my name is with an “o”, Jordon or with an “e”, Jorden.  


Jordan with an "A"

Jordan with an A

There are several reasons I think people should be able to spell my name right.  Michael Jordan being a big one.  There is also a river called the Jordan River.  There is even a country called Jordan.  All spelled with an “a”.  All of the other Jordans I met growing up, both male and female, spelled Jordan with an “a”.


Recently I have seen a couple different spellings for Jordan, specifically for females.  The most “famous” alternate spelling would be for Jordin Sparks from American Idol and then my cousin named her daugher Jordyn.  If it is on your birth certificate spelled a certain way then that is the correct way.

The craziest way I have seen my name spelled was in sixth grade.  One of my friends, Geoff, was trying to right my name on something and spelled it Jourden.  I could never understand why until I wrote that last sentence.  His name was spelled different.

As you can see there are many different ways to spell Jordan, if you are spelling the name for a girl it would be safe to ask, but for guys it is probably spelled Jordan.