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Update On The Flash Cards Site

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It has been almost a year since I have posted anything about Internet marketing. I had posted about my flash cards site and how it was doing in the search engines.

Back then I was getting 2000-4000 visits a month. I made some projections about adsense earnings based on the click through rate.  At the time I expected to make just over $9.00 if I had around 8,000 visits a month.

I am now averaging over 16,000 visits a month and 74,000 page views, but my earnings are about half of what I expected.  Google also updated their keywords research tool results and the keywords are actually searched less than they were before.

These are exact results from the Google Keyword Tool in order of traffic received.

Printable Flash Cards is searched 2,400 times a month.  I am number one for the keyword and get about 1,450 visits a month.

Multiplication Flash Cards is searched 6,600 times a month. My site has been moving and is currently number 5 and gets about 850 visits a month

Number Flash Cards Printable is searched 590 times a month. Number one for this keyword and I get almost all of the traffic at about 540.

Alphabet Flash Cards is searched 3,600 times a month. Number 6 here and get about 380 visits a month.

Printable Flashcards is searched 1,000 times a month. I’m numero uno here and also get about 380.

These are the top five keywords that bring traffic to my site. The numbers are based on Google which accounts for almost 67% of my traffic.

After reviewing all this information I realize that I should be making a lot more money than I am. I have ads on there other than adsense, but have not made a cent from them.

Next I will try placing ads in different places and see if that helps conversion. I also will put some affiliate links to related products on Amazon.

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How I Use Twitter

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I just wanted to quickly update you on the progress of my 10 blogs.  I am getting visits on at least half of them everyday.  Only a couple get more than 1 visit, but it is a start.

So far I have not generated any revenue from any of them, but that is to be expected still for another month.

I have started twitter campaigns for all of them, but haven’t optimized them yet as it does take some time to do that.  Here is what I do.

Every post is created into a tweet via the twitter tools wp plugin.  I haven’t yet setup bit.ly accounts  for each of them, but I will do that.  Bit.ly shortens the URL since twitter only allows 140 characters.

An important part of twitter is friends.  People need to follow you on twitter in order for it to be effective.  To do that I will be setting up an account with SocialOomph.com (formerly Tweetlater) which has a free membership level that will automatically follow anyone that follows you.  This is important because if you do not follow people that follow you, they will often unfollow you.  I have noticed that for my twitter account for this site.  Right now I have 35 followers, but that number ranges from 2-35 because I haven’t been following people that follow me.

SocialOomph also allows you to schedule tweets which is really nice. You can set up 3 or 4 tweets a day for a week and do it in only a few minutes.  This will show that you are and active tweeter and should allow you to retain your followers.

TweetDeck is another free program that I use.  It automatically alerts me when anyone I am following tweets.  It can handle multiple twitter accounts and you can tweet from it also.

With the tweets I will post one blog post and then a couple quotes or news articles everyday.

I will also add about 20 people a day to increase my following.  Most of those people should follow me back, but if they don’t another free tool to use is FriendorFollow.com.  It is a site that shows people who you are following that are not following you back. You can then remove them or tweet about how they aren’t following you and they should then follow you.

There is plenty to do with twitter, but the key is to make sure you are creating value and interact with other people. Don’t try to sell people every hour or they will soon stop following you.

Looking on tweetdeck I am following 37 people right now. In the last hour one person tweeted 4 times selling different unrelated affiliate products. There is another guy that tweets every hour selling various stock programs.  The first guy has 4831 followers and the second has 2050 followers.  The problem with their tweets is they don’t add any value at all.

Here is an example of each recent tweet: “3,000+ of the hottest most sought after online products, only $9.95″ then a bit.ly url.

The second guy has this: “What if your computer would tell what stocks to buy AND sell?” followed by a bit.ly url

As  rule, you should have at least 2 hours between tweets and you should have 2 value creation tweets for every 1 money tweet.

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And The Challenge Is…Blogs

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For this challenge I have decided not to make it about my extreme sports site, but instead about blogs.  Right now I have over 25 domains that have something on them, but I am only using 5 of them for real stuff.

Here is what I am going to do.  Every day for the next 10 days I will create a new niche blog and post every day or at least 5 days a week.

I had many of these blogs set up to pull content from the Internet and that way it updates everyday with new content. The problem with that is it isn’t original content and some of the content that it pulled wasn’t given credit so there were legal issues.  I had a plugin that would pull the feed from RSS feeds and post the content on a subject.

Now what I will do is post snippets of new content with links to the original source while still adding a paragraph or two of unique content.

The goals is to build the sites up so people will come back for the fresh content.  As a result, my hope is to make at least $30 a day with each site from adsense, other ads, products, or anything else I can think  of without making the advertisements too prominent like kontera ads.

I just started yesterday so I only have two blogs set up now, but I will post here to keep you updated.

The first blog is about investing and financial information.  The second one is about real estate investing. I have the others all lined up.  They are in niches that have a lot of interest and the clicks from ads are more than $1 unlike the flash cards site I have where I am lucky to get $0.10 a click.

All the blogs I am going to do are going to be starting from scratch.  I own the domains, but I am going to do a fresh install of wordpress and delete everything that was there.  This blog and the flash cards site are not going to be included for a couple of reasons.

This site is unorganized ramblings that don’t seem to have a purpose.  If I decided on a purpose or a niche for this site and posted everyday the traffic would increase and the clicks would be worth more.  The flash card site just doesn’t bring in much revenue even though it receives over 4,500 visits a month.  I will soon be switching to a different revenue source and see if I can make more than $1.50 a day from all that traffic.

I am still writing articles and lenses for the sports site and adding products, but I wanted to make the blogs the challenge, because it is much easier to track and progress should come quicker.

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Another Day Another Challenge

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I have been really working hard on my extreme sports website and decided I should make it another 30 day challenge type of thing so I could hold my self more accountable and others could see my progress.

Before I get into that, the ebook I wrote is still slowly making money.  I have already received one check for a little over $100 and have $22 waiting.  Not much, but it was nice to see.

For my sports site here is what I intend to do:

  • List 200 new products a week.
  • Write 3 articles a week
  • Write 3 lenses/hubpages a week
  • Post 3 blog posts a week on my sports blog.

You can read this short post I did to get an idea for how that will all work together.

I only plan on working 5 or 6 days a week depending on how soon I can get it all done.  I am also going to put a little more effort into many of the blogs I already have.  They are on autopilot so I need to take control again and spend about 10 minutes a day updating them. I’ll have to go through them and decide which ones can be recycled and which ones can be saved for later.

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I Have Blisters On My Fingers!

I have been typing so much lately that I am forming blisters, especially on my left pinky finger.  I have been adding products and writing articles for about 10 hours a day to get this new site full of products and in the search engines.  I use my left pinky finger to hit the shift button and I do it so much that it is tender. I have tried using my right pinky finger to press shift, but it takes me too long to stop and think about it.

I am adding around 50+ products a day and have recently started writing articles for article directories that will target a couple keywords.  My plan is to write 10 articles over a 2 week period and target the same two keywords in all ten articles.  Then I will pick two more keywords and write another ten articles about them.

My criteria for choosing keywords is pretty simple.  They must have over 10,000 exact searches a month minimum and, for now, less than 1,000,000 results in Google.  Since I have a variety of products on my site I am only going to do about 10 keywords per category.

The idea is that I will be able to get on the first page of Google for the keywords I selected from all the articles.  Since the search results are low, it shouldn’t be too hard for me to get to the first page if not the first position for each keyword.

I am getting about 10-20 visits to my site from Google, and then more from various other sources.  It is interesting to see which searches bring people to my site and has helped my optimize my site better now that I can see which searches tend to bring daily visitors.

The searches help bring insight also.  For example, today someone searched “sick sport coupon code”.  I don’t have any coupon codes, because I already have the retail price and the discount price displayed.  I can’t really lower prices anymore or I would be paying people to buy the product in many cases.

The search got me thinking.  Would someone be more inclined to buy from me if I showed a smaller discount of say 5% then offered a 10% coupon code or would more convert if I offered a 20% instant discount reflected in the price with no code.  People want to get hooked up, and a code is a hook up, but if everyone gets it, is it really a hook up?

For now I will continue to show the retail prices and also show the discount price.  Right now is shows the price as:

$150 $120
Save: 20% off

But I am thinking of changing that to Instant Discount, Instate Rebate, of Special Buy instead of Save.  I’ll check out what some of the major online retailers are doing and copy that since they have the money to test that sort of thing.

It has been fun working on the site and I still have other tweaks that I need to do, but most of them are cosmetic mostly.

Internet Marketing Is Easy – Pet Chinchilla Case Study

At least that is what the gurus try to tell you.  There is one particular strategy that many of the top Internet marketers teach and that has to do with finding keywords.

The strategy goes something like this:

Find keywords that are searched about 10,000-30,000 times a month on Google’s keyword tool.

Use those keywords as article titles or domain names.

Then get thousands of visitors to your site for free.

That sounds simple enough doesn’t it?  It isn’t as simple as that and I’ll show you why.

I’ll walk through the system of finding keywords they use.  You want to look for a niche that isn’t overly commercialized like weight loss or make money in the next 5 minutes.

I decided to go with chinchillas as an example.   I searched Chinchilla as the term and this is a list of what came up.

broadI highlighted the default match type which is broad and the term pet chinchilla so you could see how many searches there were last month (18,100) and how many in an average month (14,800).

This is the method the gurus tell you to follow.  You would then buy the domain petchinchilla.com or title your article or post  with Pet Chinchilla.  Over the next few days or weeks your site would then climb its way to the top of the search engines and land on the first page, or so they say.

Here is what they do not tell you.  Broad match means the words pet and chinchilla are both in the search phrase, but not necessarily only pet chinchilla or even in that order.

Phrases such as chinchilla pet store, chinchilla as pet, pet chinchilla care, pet chinchilla cages, pet baby chinchilla, etc all are included in the pet chinchilla search totals.

To find out exactly how many searches were done for just pet chinchilla we need to change the match type from broad to exact.  Here is a screen shot of the difference.

exactNow you can see the searches for September where actually only 1,300 for pet chinchilla and not 18,100 as we previously thought.  With this extra information we can see that targeting pet chinchilla isn’t going to bring in as much traffic as we thought.

If you use the exact match type search to do your research you will have more applicable numbers to help you make a decision as to whether or not the keyword can be profitable to target.

Following this strategy can be profitable if you do it properly.  The extra step I showed you isn’t taught for a reason.  It works!  Internet marketing gurus don’t want to give away the secrets they are using until they are saturated.  The field is still open for smaller niches following this technique so get started now.

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