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The Celebrity Apprentice Started Off On The Wrong Foot

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The Celebrity Apprentice is back!  I am pretty excited to see what this season has in store for us.

There are a few things that stuck out to me that I wanted to point out. The first thing I noticed was how Donald Trump started out in his office and we followed him as he made his way to the street and eventually ended up with the contestants.

They have done this before, but the reason it stuck out this time is because it is a marketing technique.  If you take your prospect on a journey when you are trying to sell them something they feel like they know you better because they have been so many places with you.

Anyway, I liked seeing that.  I noticed some changes with the Donald. Is it just me or is he trying to be like Simon Cowell? He seemed to try to force a tough guy image that just doesn’t suit him. What was with the swearing?  It appeared that some of the women were stunned by that.  Didn’t his Mama ever teach him to be respectful in front of women?

Now that we got to meet the contestants it is easier to see their personalities.  On the womens team, Holly Robinson Peete seemed to stand out as the woman who is willing to scrap. I really expected to see more from Sharon Osborn in that regard.  I think it will come down to Holly and Sharon.

If this season is anything like last season, Sharon will go all the way to the final two.  Why?  Because she is more currently famous than the others. In fact her only rival as far as name recognition is Cyndi Lauper.

While we are on the subject of Cyndi Lauper, I can’t see her winning the game. She seems to be a little loopy and has many moments where you wonder if she is all there.

Summer Sanders was most notable  for her biceps.  She is an Olympic gold medalist in swimming. Donald likes the gold medalists. On the task she was in the kitchen so we didn’t get to see how she works.

Selita Ebanks is a Victoria’s Secret Angel.  Her bio says she is a lot more than that and we learned she can cook on this first task.  It is difficult to say for sure how she will work since she didn’t get much camera time.

Maria Kanellis is a former WWE personality.  She is also an aspiring singer and actress. We didn’t see much of her on the first task.  Next week should give us better insight into the different women’s personalities.

Carol Leifer finishes off the women. She is a comedian and producer. She brings a lot to the table and is a real asset to the women’s team.  In the first task she did what she was asked to do.

On the men’s team, it is hard to guess who will come out on top. The one we know will not make it is former Illinois Governor Rob Blagojevich.  He spent too much time talking about how he is innocent and not enough time on the task.

Bret Michaels was the project manager for the first task, but it really was Curtis Stone.  The task was to run a diner and the team with the most rich friends money earned wins.

Curtis had the idea of selling $100 hamburgers to the people they called for money instead of $10 hamburgers to people off of the street.  It turned out to be brilliant as the men almost doubled the money earned from the women.

The women were able to bring in the people off of the street and that is probably what lost the task for them.  Their donors were in line outside while people off the street paying $25 were in the seats.

Before watching the show I had my thoughts on the men’s team.  After watching the show I can see Sinbad, Daryl Strawberry, or Bill Goldberg winning.

Sinbad is a funny guy, but he also doesn’t mess around. He knows it’s a game and looks like he will play it well.

Daryl Strawberry knows the city well and can bring in the money.  You can’t help respecting the guy. He was active for the task and if you can bring in the money and do the work it is hard to be fired.

Bill Goldberg seems to be a team player, but he can be intimidating. Who would want to risk throwing him under the bus?

Michael Johnson is the men’s Olympic gold medalist in sprinting.  We didn’t see much of him in the first task, so it is hard to know how far he will go.

Curtis Stone is smart and will contribute a lot to the team, but he is also a nice guy and he can go far, but as Trace Atkins showed us the nice guy doesn’t win.

Bret Michaels won’t last because he also is a nice guy. He will take responsibility if he is the weakest link.  He has showed us he will work hard with little sleep, but when the men need a scapegoat he’s the guy for the job.

So the men won the first task raising almost $60k to the women’s $30k.  Joan Rivers was tasked with picking the team that had the best burger. The team she liked would get $10k added to their winnings.

As soon as I heard what she was going to do, I called the team she would pick.  Joan is loyal and stuck with the women.  The governor did help her with her decision by chatting up the customers instead of serving food so by the time Joan got her meal it had been sitting almost 10 minutes so it was cold.

In the board room the women couldn’t decide who to fire. Donald asked Maria and Holly.  You could tell Holly wanted to through a name out, but didn’t want it to back fire on her.  She mentioned how she took control basically since Cyndi, the project manager, was busy serving.

Holly mentioned that Carol was outside passing out flyers and getting people to come to the diner when they had a line outside around the corner. Holly asked Carol to come inside and help with the counter which she did.

After Donald swore at the women for not giving him a name Maria said Carol and then it was all over.  Everyone else said Carol or Cyndi since she was the project manager.

Poor Carol didn’t have a chance.

When Cyndi was asked to bring two people back, she couldn’t name anyone so Donald Trump had them all stay.  He fired Carol because her team named her.

To Carol’s credit she took it gracefully and didn’t attack anyone and be a brat like that Rivers jr girl last season.  She also still got $10k for her charity.

She should have been able stay and easily could have lasted at least two more losses before being at risk.  She has a lot of creativity which is going to be badly needed in the coming weeks.

The men have it better now that one of the women’s best minds is gone.  I think the only thing that saved Cyndi Lauper was the fact that she had better name recognition.

Based on the task Cyndi should have been fired. She was the project manager, she didn’t delegate anything, and she set the price point.

A couple things from the board room that stood out were first Cyndi wanted to bring in a big donor, Rosie O’Donnell, but Donald and Rosie have  a feud. When Cyndi mentioned she want’ed to bring in Rosie, Donald said, “Uh, she’s disgusting!” That was funny.

The next moment was when he was asking the women why the didn’t bring in more money than the men and he said, “…your beautiful, many of you.”

That “many of you” part was great. He is real slick.

The last part I wanted to point out was when he was talking to Selita Ebanks about who to fire he said, “I think Ivanka saved your very beautiful [butt].”

This season will be interesting.

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The Celebrity Apprentice Cast is Set

There are only two reality TV shows that I like to watch. The first one is The Ultimate Fighter and the second one is The Apprentice.

I like The Apprentice or Celebrity Apprentice because of the challenges they faced.  I like to imagine what I would do if I was the project manager for the task, what I would say to help the team come together and keep people from stabbing me in the back and then throwing me under the bus.

The Celebrity Apprentice hasn’t been doing so well.  Often the task is to see who can get the most money and with connections there really is no need to do anything other than call friends.

The task where they have to impress somebody is nice to watch because that is where the creativity comes out.

This season the celebrity cast will include Cyndi Lauper, Sharon Osbourne, Brett Michaels, Darryl Strawberry, Holly Robinson Peete, Bill Goldberg, Maria Kanellis, Sinbad, Curtis Stone, Carol Leifer, Summer Sanders, Michael Johnson, Rod Blagojevich, and Selita Ebanks.

I’m not too familiar with many of them.  For the men, I would like to see Sinbad win.  I think it will be interesting to see if Rod Blagojevich says anything about his political battle as former governor of Illinois.  I don’t see him winning, however. He is a politician, but he wasn’t good enough to stay out of trouble.

I don’t see Brett Michaels or Bill Goldberg winning.  It is possible, but not likely for Darryl Strawberry, Michael Johnson,  or Curtis Stone to win.

On the ladies side it has to be Sharon Osbourne.  If we learned anything from last season it is that Trump is afraid of feisty older women.  I don’t know if Sharon is older than Trump or not, but she is the most senior of the women.

I am not familiar with most of the women so I don’t know which of the others have strong personalities.  I am sure we will be in for some entertainment.

Once again Donald said “I expect this season of Celebrity Apprentice to be the best one yet.”  I think he says that every year.

I will be watching this year in March when it comes out.

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