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And The Winner Of Celebrity Apprentice Is…

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This week Celebrity Apprentice ended. The two teams were charged with creating a Snapple tea, a label for the tea, a commercial, and a brochure.

Holly Robinson Peete had a good name, Compassion Berry.  I am sure her tea was also good.  Passion fruit and strawberry sounds good.

Bret Michaels chose TropaRocka naturally. I thought his brochure and presentation were better.  His commercial was much better and he used his celebrity.

Holly should have used Curtis Stone in her commercial or Maria Kanellis, but decided to use actors instead.

The execs were all about Bret. It seemed Donald Trump was forcing Holly on everyone.  If they would comment about how great Bret was he would say Holly was great too.  It made me think he was going to choose Holly as the winner.

We saw Holly a different way today.  I must say that she earned back some respect.  She seemed sincere and nice.  It was really odd. Is she really like that and they edited her to make her the villain? Or is she a really good actress?

I am going to assume she was really like that and learned from watching herself on the show.  It must have hurt a little when her 5 year old told her he was routing for Bret.

She said one thing that stuck out to me.  She said that everyone was saying she was fighting for her son, but her son is going to be fine.  They have the resources to help him.  She was fighting for all the other families that don’t have the resources to help their autistic children.

I thought she showed some class with that comment and I was happy she said it.

Bill Rancic and Joan Rivers came in to give their input.  Joan said that it is between the brain and the heart.  She basically said Holly is the logical winner, but Bret is fighting for his daughter and he also just came back from a brain hemorrhage.

Bill surprised me.  He was all for Holly because she raised the most money for the one task she won.  Ivanka Trump finally said what I was hoping someone would say. She said Bret deserved to be there on his own merits.

Bret showed that he is creative and works hard.  He was 2 for 2 as project manager and refused to throw someone under the bus to win.

Holly showed she can raise money.  That was all she accomplished on the show.  She doesn’t have a creative side and she didn’t seem to work well with others. She lost two tasks as project manager and the polls showed the majority of the public thought she should have been fired just about every week.

To me the logical choice, if he was deciding based on everything they were able to contribute, was Bret.

Cyndi Lauper sang a song from her new album.  I must say it was odd.  There was a lot of harmonica.  It didn’t sound like the type of music Cyndi is known for. It had a country sound to it.  It won’t be a hit, that’s for sure.

Darryl Strawberry was asked by Trump how much money he won for his charity.  Zero.  Trump gave $25,000 to Darryl’s charity which is also a charity for autism.

Snapple gave $250,000 to both Bret’s and Holly’s charities so they both won in that regard.

It came down to the decision.  Last season Trump said to Annie Duke, Annie you’re fired.  He always says you’re hired to the winner.  Annie’s face lit up and went dark quick.  I felt Annie should have won over Joan Rivers.

This year he said Bret, You’re Hired.  I was glad.  I thought Bret deserved it and should have won, even without his near death experience.

Next year there will be two Apprentice shows. One will be the original type with entrepreneurs and the second will be another celebrity apprentice.

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Bret Michaels Makes it to the Finals of Celebrity Apprentice

This was the last episode leading up to the live finale.  It started out with Donald Trump calling all of the contestants back to the board room to fire one of them.  He asked Holly Robinson Peete who should be fired and she said Maria Kanellis.

Everyone else jumped on the bandwagon and said Maria except Bret.  Bret Michaels didn’t say Maria because everyone else did.  He said Holly, but we didn’t get to hear what his reasons were because Trump cut him off and changed the subject.

Sharon Osbourne and Maria both praised Holly for some reason.  Their praise was about how she has had a hard life as a mother raising an autistic child.  That does give her something to motivate her.  I was disappointed that they didn’t say what they really felt.

Maria was fired and the excuse given was because the story she used to explain why she thought Curtis Stone was arrogant.  She said that he took a dump in their restroom and smelled it up.  I was sad that she was fired. She seemed to always try to help the team.

The remaining four contestants were interviewed by Joan Rivers and Bill Rancic. Bill was serious in the interview and called people out on what he noticed.  The best part was when he brought up Holly’s record.  She has one win and two losses.  He only win was a fundraising task. She won because that is what she does for a living.  She already had a long list of donors to call on.  She isn’t creative and doesn’t put in the effort if she isn’t the project manager.

Joan questioned Bret about not showing he is fighting.  I really underestimated Bret. He has the most integrity out of any of those people.  I am a big fan of his now after his performance on the show. He took responsibility for his actions and said he isn’t going to win by throwing others under the bus.

Joan naturally said she wanted to see Holly and Sharon in the final. Bill said Holly and Bret.

Trump fired Curtis and Sharon leaving Bret and Holly in the finals.  This is coming down to integrity versus the lack there of.

The task was to create a Snapple flavor along with a 30 second commercial and print ad.

Bret had Summer Sanders and Darryl Strawberry to help him on his team.  I was glad Summer was there to help, but I was hesitant about Darryl since he basically gave up and quit the show.  He said that he wanted to redeem himself.  Darryl has star power that can help Bret.

Holly had Curtis and Maria help on her team. She was not happy about that. I don’t think she likes either of them.  She really wanted Summer, but Trump picked the teams and they didn’t get any input.

The teams picked their flavors and had to negotiate to get what they want.  Both teams wanted Passion Fruit. Curtis negotiated for Holly.  Bret should not have gone in to negotiate.  He told Curtis everything he wanted. He gave up plan A, plan B, and plan C.  Curtis didn’t have to tell him anything.  Bret asked what they wanted and Curtis said they wanted all those flavors too.

Bret realized Curtis wasn’t going to budge so he said they could have Passion Fruit if he could have everything else he wanted.

The teams created two flavors to bring to a mall for a taste test.  Holly knew what she wanted and was going to go with it.  Maria suggested adding a spice to it.  They went with sweet basil and went to the taste test with a passion fruit strawberry blend with and without sweet basil.  Maria wanted to have two separate flavors, but didn’t want to fight for it since the task was all for Holly.

Bret’s team came up with two completely different flavors.  During the taste test one of the flavors proved to be a bad choice, but the other flavor seemed to be pleasing.

Holly was pushing forward with her commercial while Bret was stopped waiting for a dolly track.  We don’t know what happened after that.  Based on the way the editing went, it appeared Bret wouldn’t have enough time to get the commercials he wanted and Holly would win by default.

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Cyndi Lauper Says Good Bye, Holly “The Scorpion” Robinson Peete Remains

This week on Celebrity Apprentice was surprising.  Since Maria Kanellis and Sharon Osbourne admitted to not liking Curtis Stone, Donald Trump switched Curtis and Bret Michaels.

The task was to redesign an apartment complete with furnishings.  They would be judged on creativity, celebrity, and a wow factor.

Sharon volunteered to be project manager for RockSolid and Holly Robinson Peete was picked against her will for Tenacity.

Sharon and Curtis used their celebrity to get really nice fixtures for the apartment totaling over $100,000 for free!  Sharon waffled a lot on the colors for the apartment which really made me question whether or not they could pull it off.

Curtis took charge of the kitchen, of course.  The kitchen turned out well and was one of the features the judges liked.  Maria did everything. She painted, shopped, and carried stuff.

On Tenacity, Holly Robinson Peete and Cyndi Lauper seemed to be bonding.  Bret had to go to a concert, but he contributed a lot while he was there.  He took some pictures of the New York City skyline to put on the walls.

Cyndi was put in charge of the bonus room and the she did a much better job than Holly did with decorating.  Holly crammed a lot of stuff in the apartment making it look small. She choose some odd colors that didn’t work like she thought.

The judges like Bret’s pictures and Cyndi’s room, but nothing else.

By then end of the project, Maria and Sharon both loved Curtis.  His plan worked.  If his team lost he would have been the one under the bus if he hadn’t changed their opinion of him.

In the board room Tenacity lost because of Holly’s lack of creativity.  Trump asked Bret who should be fired and he said Cyndi.  I was surprised that Bret said that since it wasn’t Cyndi’s fault that they lost.  Yes, Cyndi does need to be micro-managed or she won’t get anything done and she did yell at the help, but the judges liked her room better than any other room on both teams!

Holly and Cyndi went back and forth and for a while it seemed Trump wanted to fire Holly, which was the right decision.  The thing about Donald is he looks for little irrelevant things to fire a person over.  Cyndi said Holly told her to paint the room red and suddenly Trump is all over Cyndi about it.  Bret was fairly quiet, but I would have been to.  Why speak when two women are fighting to stay on the show.  I thought he was safe.

He asks them to leave the board room and then asks LeFrak or what ever his name was who should be fired and he says Bret left so he should go.  Bret had a concert and nobody has been questioned in this season for having to go or be sick. Both Cyndi and Sharon missed partial and complete tasks and neither of them were put on the chopping block.

Baby Trump (Don Jr) said he was leaning towards Holly until Cyndi said painting the room was Holly’s idea.

Back in the board room Holly and Cyndi were going back and forth again and then Trump told Bret the other guy said he should be fired.  Bret gave him the look of death. It was pretty funny. I think Bret was tired since he had about 4 hours of sleep in the last 48 hours.

For a minute it looked like Trump was going to fire Bret because he wasn’t fighting.  Up to that point Holly was backing up Bret, but then Trump asked Holly if Bret should be fired.  Holly said she thought he was safe since he had a concert, but then she stabbed him in the back and said he wasn’t very strong.

Holly has NO loyalty and will say anything to save herself.  She is a person that cannot be trusted.  I know she is trying to raise money for her charity, but she acts more like a snake oil sales woman than a person running a charity.

If Trump were firing people based on performance in the task or whose fault it is that the team lost, it would be Holly hands down.  She is 1-2 as project manager now and her decisions lost the task, not Cyndi’s and not Bret’s.  Her apartment looked a little better because of what Cyndi and Bret did.

In the end Trump fired Cyndi.  I agree that Cyndi can be difficult, but so can Holly.  Holly escaped being fired for the third time now I think.  She is hostile and not creative.

Next week we see that Trump is going to fire someone right away and then the remaining four will be interviewed by Joan Rivers and Bill Rancic.  I can’t imagine who he will fire on the spot.  From the comments it sounds like Holly makes it somehow.  As far as the last two are concerned, I would like to see Bret and either Sharon or Maria.

Please not Holly, she does not deserve to be there and represents everything that is wrong with business. I think you should do what it takes to win, but at least have some ethics and values.  She is a scorpion. She can smile to your face and simultaneously stab you in the back.

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Celebrity Apprentice: Eric Trump Makes His Debut

This week on Celebrity Apprentice the task was to make a 30 second radio commercial for each of Clockwork Home Services companies, Benjamin Franklin Plumbing, Mister Sparky, and One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning.

Bret Michaels was the project manager for RockSolid and Summer Sanders was the project manager for Tenacity.

RockSolid was back to making inappropriate jokes during their brainstorming session.  It is something they might be embarrassed about after watching it again along with millions of others, but they were having fun.

The execs told both teams that humor was hard to nail and they did not want any humor at their employees expense.

From that Team Tenacity with Summer in the lead decided to take the conservative approach. Summer put Cyndi Lauper in charge of music and the jingles and Holly Robinson Peete in charge of the script.

Cyndi did what she was asked to do.  Naturally she told a lot of irrelevant stories that wasted some time.  She lost part of her singing voice and it looked like she might not be able to sing in any of the commercials, but after some amusing voice stretches she was able to do it last minute.

Holly tried to cram way too much information into the 30 second spots which resulted in them not being very creative or memorable.

Curtis Stone tried to help with the commercials, but with his Australian accent  and word usage coupled with his tone deafness, there wasn’t anything he could do.  He felt the commercials were too safe and wanted to make them a little more edgy, but Summer and Holly decided that conservative was better.

RockSolid with Bret Michaels in the lead along with Sharon Osborne and Maria Kanellis came up with some creative commercials.  The execs loved Bret and even mentioned that they would like to hire him to do some marketing.

In the plumbing commercial Bret decided to use the word crack, but I thought it was tasteful and respectful. He said “We plumbers  know people crack a lot of jokes at our expense…”  I don’t think there was anything wrong with it. You can listen to the commercial here.

In the board room Sharon and Maria both attacked Curtis.  I was surprised because they haven’t been on the same team.  I am not sure where it came from since the editing hasn’t made him look like a conceited jerk.

Tenacity lost the task because they played it too safe.  You’d think they would have learned from the workout task that you have to make things fun and memorable.

The execs loved that Cyndi was in one of the commercials and with all the praise for Cyndi, she was safe.  Holly was in charge of scripts and they lost because of crammed information and not being creative which was Holly’s responsibility.  Curtis didn’t really seem to do anything to contribute.

I knew Summer was going to bring Curtis and Cyndi back and let Holly go safely back to the room.  The smart thing would have been to bring Holly and Curtis back, but she is so concerned about not throwing anybody under the bus that she didn’t try to defend herself.

Donald Trump sent Cyndi out of the board room since she wasn’t going to be fired.  Curtis stood up for himself in a respectful way.  He didn’t bash Summer, but he fought. Summer took too long to respond and couldn’t give any good reasons why she should stay and Curtis should be fired.  At one point it seemed Donald was swaying towards Curtis to fire, but then Summer didn’t sound convincing so she got the axe instead.

Summer did a much better job than I initially thought she would.  She proved she is a good worker, but she lacks leadership skills.  She did improve since her last go at project manager so she does learn from the past.  She delegated and was able to complete sentences.

This week we saw Donald Trump’s third child Eric Trump.  It was so funny to see because he is just like his older brother. They have the same mannerisms, hair, and forced comments.  Time will tell if we see more of him in the future.  It did make me wonder if they are fed with comments to add and questions to ask.

This doesn’t change much as far as my projections.  I think Bret will be one of the final two because he is very creative and there has been a lot of talk about how his recent health problem might interfere with Celebrity Apprentice.

The second person is up in the air for me. I have reasons why any one of them could fill the second seat. The next couple weeks will be fun to watch.

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The Celebrities Are Safe For Another Task On Celebrity Apprentice

This latest episode of the Celebrity Apprentice really surprised me for several different reasons.

The teams were unbalanced to Trump moved Curtis Stone to Tenacity and then put Sharon Osbourne and Maria Kanellis on Rock Solid with Bret Michaels.

I don’t think the teams could have been better. Rock Solid worked well together and had a little too much fun in the process.  I was happy to see a team having fun this late in the game.

The task was to create a workout program for 24 Hour Fitness.  It was also a fund raising task.  They would be judged by the 24 Hour Fitness execs and the team the liked the best would win $24,000 to add on top of the money they raised.

Sharon heard fund raising and wanted to be the project manager for Rock Solid.  Holly Robinson Peete was the team manager for Tenacity.  The project started off in Typical Holly style by complaining about one or more team members in case they lose.  She chose Cyndi Lauper as the topic of her complaints because Cyndi had to leave for the day to do something with Lady GaGa.

Here is where things changed.  Curtis took over the task with Summer Sanders and Holly was on the outskirts looking on. The shocking thing was that she complimented Curtis for this.  In previous tasks she would have been fighting with the person that even attempted to step on her toes.

Holly did fund raising and left the everything else to Curtis and Summer.  She tasked Cyndi with raising $30,000 since there wasn’t much she could do while she was away.

Summer and Curtis came up with a Tenacity Buns & Guns theme for the workout and that was about as creative as they got.  The workout its self wasn’t anything special. It was a typical workout program and it worked well.

RockSolid was a different story.  They all participated in the brainstorming and laughed the whole time. They came up with a Rock Star Boot Camp theme complete with a backstage pass looking thing. Their creative work was leaps and bounds ahead of Tenacity.

I really underestimated Bret Michaels in the beginning. He often takes the fall when things go wrong, but he is a hard worker and has a creative mind.  He doesn’t function well in a typical business environment, but excels when he can relax and laugh.  He really could make it to the end.

In the board room RockSolid won the $24,000 because their workout was memorable and unique.  They named their moves, some of them inappropriate, based on a rock concert setting.  They had the air guitar, wave to your friends, and the memorable tour bus thrust.

Another surprising thing, also with Holly, was that she complimented the entire team and was even brought to tears.  She praised Summer for raising money and didn’t through anybody on her team under the bus.  All I could say was “Wow”.

RockSolid was no different. It was a love fest. Nobody pointed the finger at anyone on their team. Curtis said Maria should be fired because she isn’t loyal.  I honestly don’t know where that came from.  She seemed to work hard every task and the last one with the Cyndi melt down was the only time she showed weakness.

Holly pointed at Sharon saying she said she wanted to go home. Sharon called Holly a tittle-tattle.  Sharon did say that, but she didn’t show any signs of wanting to go home during the task.

Another surprise was learning that Donald Trump is an English scholar.  Cyndi said she feels bad for Maria and didn’t want to fire her. Trump interrupted her and said, “You feel badly.” The funny part was that Cyndi was correct.  She felt bad for Maria, emotion.  If she was sick or in pain then she would say she feels badly.  I am surprised they didn’t cut that part out in the editing booth.

The task was won on money and not creative. RockSolid raised a total of  $131,803 including the $24,000 from 24 Hour Fitness.  Tenacity raised $206,090 and won the task.

I was sad. I thought RockSolid had a great team and I really wanted to see them in another task.  Sharon was willing to fall on the blade for the team, but in another surprising move Donald decided not to fire anybody.  He said a lot of money was raised and there was no loser.

The last surprise of the night was when Holly said she would write a check out to Sharon’s charity.  There is a soft side to Holly. It will be interesting to see if she has changed.

Between Curtis Stone and Bret Michaels, I think Bret will last the longest.  He is more creative than Curtis and Trump seems to like him.

From the women, I don’t think Sharon will last much longer. She doesn’t want to fight anymore.  Summer Sanders is working hard, but Holly has a place ready for Summer under a bus.  Cyndi has wisdom and experience over Holly, but she has been called out in almost every board room.  Maria works hard, but she also has been called out.  Once that happens Donald remembers.  I think either Holly, Cyndi, or Maria could be the last women.  Or two of them could be the final two.

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And Then There Were Two – Celebrity Apprentice

Celebrity Apprentice started out with the task of making over a rising country star. Trace Adkins was on hand to assist Donald Trump along with Donald Jr.

To me and I think everyone else it was obvious who the project managers should be, Bret Michaels for the men and Cyndi Lauper for the women.

What a surprise we had when the men picked Bill Goldberg as the project manager.  They might have felt it was Goldberg’s turn as the leader of the task, but Bret made more sense.

Bret made several calls to some industry heads to find out about Luke Bryan and Emily West. After it was all over, he didn’t have a preference.  He felt he could do a good job with either singer.

The men got Luke Bryan and the women got Emily West. It was apparent early on the Luke Bryan knew what he wanted his image to be and he was very resistant to Bret’s advice, although he finally agreed to wear a necklace.

I think Trace had something to do with that when Luke said the chain was out of his deal he replied with if that’s outside your deal you need to adjust your deal.  Trace wears a necklace too.

Emily West was willing to do what every Cyndi told her, which was good for her.  It really was amazing how they were able to transform Emily.  She has a great voice and is energetic, but let’s be honest, she doesn’t have the appeal other competing female artists have like Carrie Underwood and Taylor Swift.

They both did amazing in their performances. Luke Bryan sang an upbeat song that got everybody tapping to the beat.  Emily West sang a slow song that brought tears to most everyone’s eyes that were present.  It was hard to say who did better.

The Drama

The women’s team started out like they normally do, everyone complaining about Cyndi.  I couldn’t believe Holly Robinson Peete was criticizing Cyndi and snapped at her when she didn’t let her complete her thought.  Apparently her thought was “think outside the box” because that is all she said if we take out the Cyndi criticism.

I felt bad for Cyndi on the task.  Holly Robinson Peete and Maria Kanellis were both complaining about her the entire task.  This was another side of Maria that we hadn’t seen before.  Before she had the attitude of let’s get the task done and check your emotions at the door, but this week she whined about how her childhood hero told her she doesn’t know what she was talking about.

This was the task that Cyndi was the best at.  Holly and Maria are aspiring singers and wanted to help, but Cyndi has done this many times and didn’t want to mess around.  The rest of the team had a great reason to blame Cyndi if they lost.

Cyndi did 95% of the task and Maria did the other 5%.  Maria did step up and coach Emily on how to interview effectively and the reporter, who had interviewed Emily a few times in the past, noticed a polished improvement in her.

Every time Cyndi would turn her back, Maria would step up and try to help to the point of annoying Cyndi.  I have to give her credit for that. Summer Sanders and Holly Robinson Peete didn’t step up other than when Holly complained in several situations.

On the men’s team it was the Bret show.  Bill Goldberg and Curtis Stone did what they could, but they did exactly what they should have and let Bret do his thing and tell them what he needed help with.  Bill and Curtis went shopping which is about all they really could have done.

The Boardroom

In the boardroom the men did a better promotional piece, even Sharon Osbourne was impressed and admitted it was better than theirs.  The judges thought the women did a better make over and ultimately the women won.  It was a tough one to call. Bret did a great job for the men.

There were only three left and nobody could guess who would be fired.  Trump asked Bret who should be fired and Bret said he didn’t want to be fired but accepted responsibility for the loss.

When Donald asked Curtis who he should fire, I was hoping Curtis would say nobody but instead he said Bret because Bret was in charge of creative.  Goldberg didn’t through out a name, but said Bret did 95% of the work.  When Trump said he may have delegated too much he changed the number to 87% and then later changed the number again to 70%.

Donald Trump is not consistent when deciding who to fire. So far the only sure thing you can count on is if you volunteer to go back to the board room, you will be fired. Other than that you could be fired because you came up with the idea during brainstorming, you did the majority of the work, you didn’t contribute, you didn’t fight to save yourself, you got a DUI a year ago, you were in charge of a certain task that may have contributed to the loss, you were the project manager, etc.

You could also be safe from being fired for many of the same reasons. He fired Bill Goldberg because he was the project manager instead of Bret Michaels.  I think Goldberg did the right thing and shouldn’t have been fired. If Bret was the project manager there wouldn’t have been anything different.

I didn’t want to see any of them go. They were having a lot of fun and were meshing well.  The women deal with a lot of contention and they need to be weeded out.

There are two men left and five women so next week I think either Michael Johnson will come back or one of the women will come over to the men’s team.   My guess is it will be Maria, Holly, or Sharon

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One From Each Team Leaves Celebrity Apprentice

What a mess. This week on Celebrity Apprentice we saw a lot happen.

The task this week was to create a 30 second TV commercial for Right Guard Total Defense 5 and a 10 second Internet spot. The executives would choose a winner based on creativity, presentation, brand integration, and reaching the target of 13-18 year old boys.

Holly Robinson Peete was the project manager for the women and Curtis Stone was the project manager for the men.

On the women’s team Sharon Osbourne was still sick and sat this task out completely.  Cyndi Lauper went to DC to watch Obama sign another Anti-Discrimination bill which left the women down to four.

When the women met with the execs Holly asked about targeting the mothers since they would most likely purchase the product, but the execs told her the boys tell their mothers which one to buy.  Holly must have had her ears closed because she left thinking targeting the mothers was the right idea.

The women went with the theme of your first moment of funk and came up with a jingle. The men targeted the age group and showed how well the product works.  Scottie Pippen and Clyde Drexler came  to help out and they both did a great job and were willing to do whatever they were asked.

The men’s presentation was far superior to the women’s. Each of them went out and spoke about what they do and how hard they sweat. The next one would say they sweat more.  The execs liked it.

You can watch the men’s commercial here and the women’s here.  I thought the women did a better job on the commercial, but as far as the task goes the men did the best job.  The women made their ad entertaining and they showed the problem.  They didn’t show how to resolve the problem, however, and their 10 second Internet ad was just a clip of their main ad.

Michael Johnson left the show after the task was complete due to personal family reasons.  When asked about it he said he really didn’t want to get into it.  It had something to do with his son Sebastian who is 9 or 10. He told Donald Trump that he would no more when he landed in San Francisco and may be able to return.  Donald didn’t give him a chance to find out how serious the issue was and said too much time would pass and it wouldn’t be fair to the other contestants.

This struck me as odd.  He has let contestants in the past skip tasks for various reasons without consequence, but this time he said not a chance.  Michael Johnson was one of my picks before he was a project manager.  We’ll find out if he comes back next week.

What can we learn

There were some moments that stuck out to me.  When Ivanka went to check-up on the men she asked Curtis why they haven’t shot any video yet.  He responded that they have already shot two scenes and were setting up the third.  That was not true, but he didn’t want her to know they were having problems.  She left complimenting him for being calm when the deadline is looming.

From that we can learn to fake confidence if you have to, especially in front of  ”bosses”.

When the women were carrying in the furniture for their bit, Selita Ebanks was acting as Scottie Pippen’s personal assistant asking him if he wanted a drink, if he wanted ice, if the drink was satisfying to his liking, etc.  The problem was that George Ross saw that she didn’t help out.

Work hard throughout your task, you never know who might be watching.

I was excited to see how Holly performed as a project manager. She wasn’t as hard as I expected her to be, but she didn’t listen to what the client wanted and it cost her team the task.

You might have a superior product, but if it isn’t what the client wanted you lose.

In the boardroom

The previews let us know that the women lost so it wasn’t a surprise.  Holly really wanted to bring Cyndi and Maria back to the board room.  She wanted Maria Kanellis because she was editing and Cyndi because she is Cyndi.  Donald Trump flat out said that he will not fire Cyndi so she can bring her back, but she won’t get fired.

The women’s team is not getting along at all.  The two main people of conflict are Cyndi Lauper and Holly Robinson Peete.  They not only conflict with each other, but with others as well.

Holly ended up bringing Maria and Selita back. She choose Selita because Maria and George both said she didn’t do much.

In the boardroom, Holly went after Maria blaming her for the editing.  Maria asked Holly twice to look at the editing, but Holly said she trusted Maria.  Selita wasn’t doing anything so she could have sat in the editing booth too, but she didn’t.

In the end Selita was fired because she didn’t fight, or as she says she didn’t go “black girl”. This was really interesting to me. Sometimes Donald Trump will fire a person because they are at fault even though they weren’t the weakest player.

In this case Holly was the the person at fault. It was her idea to target mothers instead of 13-18 year old boys like the execs requested.  Selita’s laziness had nothing to do with the loss, but she was fired because she didn’t fight.

Who will win

On the women’s team I don’t know if Sharon will last now that she has been sick for three episodes.  Cyndi is there because she is a legend, but honestly the only way she will make it to the end is if Trump wants her there like Joan Rivers last season.

Holly Robinson Peete has a chance, but she showed poor judgement by not listening to the execs and blaming Maria for the loss when she had nothing to do with it.

Summer Sanders works hard and will probably last until she is project manager again.

Maria Kanellis will probably go all the way.  She works hard and knows how to deal with women.  Having a blog on the apprentice site does give us a clue as to how well she does. I was really surprised to hear everything Selita was saying about Maria. I didn’t see any of it. Maria seems like she is telling it how she sees it.

In the end I think I am going to go with Maria Kanellis on the women’s team.

On the men’s team Bret Michaels may leave the show if his daughter is diagnosed with Diabetes which seems likely.  It will be sad if he goes, because he is creative. He may have trouble expressing it sometimes, but he is a huge asset to the men’s team.

Bill Goldberg also works hard and contributes.  He will likely be the project manager next week so we will finally see how he is as a leader.  So far I don’t see anything that would keep him from being in the top three of the men’s team.

Curtis Stone has shown that he can fight, despite my previous impression of him.  He is also intelligent when dealing with execs and knows that he can’t show weakness.  If they lose another task it will be very difficult to decide who should be fired.

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Former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich Removed From Office

Rod Blagojevich is Definitely DelusionalIt was another episode of Celebrity Apprentice where former Illinois state governor Rod Blagojevich was fired.  Let’s recap first.

Immediately after Darryl Strawberry was fired and the men returned to the room with the women’s team they were all called back to the board room.  Donald trump asked them pick a project manager.  Michael Johnson immediately with out hesitation said Rod.

I thought this was hilarious because Rod had chosen Sinbad and he chose Michael Johnson.  To me, Michael had this planned since Rod put him on the spot last week.

On the women’s team Selita Ebanks volunteered rather quickly to be the PM.  I thought it showed courage on her part since everyone knows the PM is at risk if they lose.

The Project Managers were placed on a jet and flown to Universal Studios in Orlando to look at a new ride called the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.  The teams had to wait for word from the project manager before they knew what the task was.  They were to design a 3-d display where the execs and some kids would determine the winner.

Selita is savvy with technology. She can email, text, and work phones.  Rod is a technological delinquent.  He cannot turn on a computer, send an email, or text.  He has trouble working fancy phones.

Selita was a good project manager in my opinion.  As soon as she learned the task, she went to work watching the promotional DVD and sketching out an idea. Rod inspected the laptop lifting it up and looking underneath for directions on how to use it, I think.

Once off the plane Selita called the team and gave everyone assignments. She took a picture of the sketch she made and emailed it to the team to use as a base.  Rod tried to call and couldn’t figure something out with the phone. The team called him back and he explained the task and put Bret Michaels  in charge of the creative.

Rod failed to give any ideas as to what he thought the display should have in it.  After seeing the ride and talking with the execs, Rod still differed to Bret on any decisions.

One thing the execs made clear was that they put in a lot of attention to detail and want the displays to be as authentic as possible.

Rod Blagojevich really struggled as a leader.  Selita made a comment about him being a business man and not being able to use technology. She quickly corrected herself inserting politician instead of business man. I was glad she made the distinction.

In Rod’s defense politicians have aides that do just about everything for them.  Aides send email, make phone calls, research, market, write speeches, come up with ideas, read legislature, etc.  The politician is really just the face of the team and gives the final word on decisions, but even the aides say what it should be.

That is the lifestyle that Rod was used to and now he has to make the calls.  He doesn’t have experience with that and it showed.

Here are a few things we can learn from both teams.  The women’s team was well thought out and they tried to make it authentic.  The kids thought it was accurate, but not entertaining enough.

I thought they had some clever special effects like Summer Sanders poking boxes from behind the wall to make them fly off.  The women also had wind once the wand had chosen the kid and then took a picture.

Rod decided the men were going to wing it. They didn’t have any actual characters, just wizards and a headmaster.  Their terminology was wrong and the kids noticed.  There was too much smoke and Rod called for more.  I think he wanted more smoke to hide his shame, but who knows. The kids were bothered by the incorrect terms, but enjoyed the humor of the men more than the women.

What can we learn

What we learn is that there needs to be some research done and don’t try to wing it.  It was supposed to be authentic and it was a copy.

Another thing that both teams could have done to make the experience better was to get a focus group of kids.  Ask them what they would like to see in a 3D Harry Potter display and what would be important.

Communication is also important. The leader has to set the team in a direction and not say here is what the task is, good luck.

Who was the weakest player

On the women’s team, there wasn’t a clear weak link.  I honestly can’t think of anyone that did not pull their weight.  Editing usually makes one of them look bad, but this time they seemed to work.

As far as cliques go, Sharon Osborne has Cyndi Lauper’s back.  Selita Ebanks and Holly Robinson Peete are BFFs.  Summer Sanders and Maria Kanellis seem to be the outsiders.

Summer is still having trouble structuring a sentence when it hasn’t been scripted, but she still pulls her weight and doesn’t sit in a corner weighting to be told what to do.

Maria just wants to get to work and deal with emotions after the task. I agree with Maria’s thinking here. The women spend so much time trying not to offend that they get in little cat fights about offending someone. Maria wants to be tactful, but stop the sensitivity issues until the task is over and they have time to deal with them.

On the men’s team the weakest player is a toss up.  Rod was the project manager and failed miserably to manage. He delegated with out giving direction and he wanted to wing it instead of script what needed to be said.

The other weak player was Michael Johnson.  He obviously doesn’t play well with others. He expects the project manager to be clear and direct.  Rod was not like that.  If he doesn’t get clear and direct he will sit back and wait until he is told to do something.

What I like to see other team members do when the PM is failing is to pick up the slack and subtly take over without stepping on toes.  Sitting back and waiting for the leader to fail is not being a team player.

The Boardroom

The men lost because of the inaccuracies and Rod chose Michael Johnson and Curtis Stone to join him in the board room. The reason he chose them was because they were eating ribs when Rod got back from the trip.  That isn’t what he said, but the editing made me think that way.

Donald Trump tried to get Rod to bring Bret Michaels back instead. If Rod wasn’t a politician he would have changed his mind and brought back Bret which would have saved him for another week.

Donald Trump really wanted to fire Bret for some reason. It was almost as obvious as last season with Khloe Kardashian.

I think Bret did the most work and worked the hardest. You don’t fire the person that does the most work. That is like firing someone for coming up with an idea in a brainstorming session… Oh wait, Donald has fired someone for that very reason on an early season of The Apprentice.

Back in the board room Rod said Curtis was the weakest player on that task. His reasoning was Curtis was in charge of communication and information wasn’t communicated effectively. That shocked me. Curtis has not been the weakest player in any of the tasks including this one.

If Rod had gone after Michael Johnson instead he may have had a small chance, but the result would have been the same.  Rod was fired. It was his fault they lost and he couldn’t put the blame on anyone else.

Who’s next

The women’s team is tough to call the next firing. Sharon has been sick and she is somewhat feared by the other younger women. Cyndi could be fired, but she is a big name and backed by Sharon.  Holly Robinson Peete is a fighter so I think she will stay. The only risk she has is if she is the project manager of a losing task.

I think Summer Sanders will be next from the women, because she performed poorly as the project manager. Selita and Maria are in the mix too, but I don’t think they will be next.

On the men’s team Bret will probably become the scapegoat with Rod gone.  Curtis and Bill Goldberg have really impressed me with their work ethic. Michael Johnson is a fighter in a respectful condescending sort of way so he will stick around longer.

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Darryl Strawberry Strikes Out on The Celebrity Apprentice

Strawberry on setWow, I just can’t pick ‘em.  Every week of the Celebrity Apprentice gives new insights into the different players and changes the opinions I have of the different players.

This week the teams were given the task of making an advertorial for LifeLock and Norton 360.

On the womens team Summer Sanders was picked as the project manager.  I had flashbacks of Sinbad last week.  Summer didn’t seem to have any idea what the advertorial was about.  When asked she would start to explain something about her holding a baby and… you know.

I felt bad for her. She really tried to keep Cyndi Lauper out of the task because she tends to talk too much and ask questions that aren’t relevant to the task.  Summer only succeeded in offending Cyndi.

Cyndi Lauper may be a bit kooky, but she works hard and is creative.  I see what Summer was trying to do, but she didn’t give Cyndi a chance.

Nobody knew what was going on and the photographer was irritated that they couldn’t explain what they wanted to do.

In the eleventh hour they figured out what they wanted to have done and pulled it together.  There advertorial looked nice, but lacked information and a call to action.

I thought Summer was a goner.

Michael Johnson was the men’s project manager.  I was excited to see how he would perform in the battle of the Olympians.

Brett Michaels tried way too hard to show Michael that he was there to work.  Brett is the Cyndi of the men’s team.  He asked question after question that didn’t have much to do with the task.  Michael Johnson was frustrated with him from the beginning.

Michael had an idea of what he wanted and didn’t take any input from Brett.  Brett had some good ideas and should have been taken seriously.

Michael chose Curtis Stone to be the spokesmen for the ad. Brett thought Bill Goldberg would have been a better choice and I have to agree with him.

Goldberg is more famous than Curtis and he matches better with the concept of protecting you from identity theft.

Curtis did have a good idea to show Michael Johnson and Bill Goldberg and say something like the fastest man can’t out run identity theft and the strongest man can’t protect you.

Rod “The Governor” Blagojevich tries hard.  He does what ever he is asked and campaigns along the way.  He was given the task of typing up some copy.  He didn’t know how to open a word processor to start typing.  Once someone opened a new document for him he was able to hunt and peck his way to knocking out a paragraph in under 30 minutes.

In his defense he had aids and assistance that would type and do all the computer related things he needed done when he was in office.

Darryl Strawberry was the guy that didn’t shine in the task. He was obviously disconnected from what was happening.  He would do what he was asked to do, but he was tired.  He even said that retired athletes and celebrities sleep until noon so the long days were hard on him.

The men’s advertorial had a couple pictures and a whole lot of words.  Brett mentioned there might be too many words, but Michael Johnson said it is called an advertorial and that is the way they are going to do it.

Gavin Maloof was checking in on them for Donald Trump and showed obvious dislike for the wordy product, but Michael still stood by his idea.

In the board room, Summer Sanders set up Cyndi Lauper for the fall.  Every one on the women’s team knows about Cyndi’s challenges, but none of them would dare voice their opinions.  Summer’s problem was that she didn’t wait until the lost to throw Cyndi under the bus.  Now the women are going to throw her under the bus next time they lose.

The execs weren’t thrilled with either ad. The women didn’t have much verbage on their ad and there was no call to action, not even a phone number. The men had too much verbage and probably some misinformation as well.

In the end the women’s advertorial was closer to what the execs wanted and they won.  Summer would surely have been fired.

On the men’s team it looked like Michael Johnson was going to be fired. He couldn’t blame the loss on anyone else. It was his fault.  When asked who the weakest player was he said Rod Blagojevich.  He also said it wasn’t Rod’s fault they lost.

Just when there didn’t seem to be any hope for Michael, Darryl spoke up and said he should be fired. That shocked everyone, including Michael.  Donald  didn’t want to fire Darryl and nobody wanted to seem him go.  He was a big money getter and the men would need that.

In the end, Darryl was fired and he was happy with that.  He knew everyone else wanted to be there but him.  It was sad to see him go, but he was ready to leave.

I think Summer Sanders will be next to go on the women’s team. If Michael Johnson wants a chance of winning, he needs to listen to his team.  Next time he might not be so lucky.

I think a future season should have celebrities versus regular people.  That would be fun to watch.  I did hear that the regular apprentice will be returning where Donald Trump will hire someone.

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Sinbad Leaves Celebrity Apprentice


Sinbad via last.fm

Another episode of The Celebrity Apprentice has past and this one really through off my picks.  Before I get into that, let’s recap…

The governor picked Sinbad as project manager for the men.  Politicians are good at delegating.   Sinbad appeared to be bothered by it, but tried his best to seem like it was his idea.

On the womens team Maria Kanellis, the former WWE diva, accepted the role of project manager. On both teams everyone was coming up with excuses as to why they wouldn’t be the best for the job.

The task assigned to the teams this week was to create a Kodak moment incorporating the them of sharing.

The men started off slow as the editing did a wonderful job of showing Sinbad mumbling and not completing a sentence as he jumped around from idea to idea.  The men had no direction and none of them could decipher Sinbad’s plan.

Brett Michaels was the most disturbed by Sinbad’s lack of delegation.  Brett asked several times for something to do and Sinbad seemed to ignore him.  In fact no one appeared to have been assigned anything.

The first day ended and the men hoped the ideas swimming around in Sinbad’s head would materialize.

On a side note, I was dissappointed with Sinbad’s leadership.  After all, I thought he had an excellent chance of making it to the end.

On the women’s team, Cindy Lauper was the “problem” person.  She seemed to have more of a scooter of thought rather than a train of thought since she didn’t seem to be able to stay focused on anything.

The team needs Cindy because of her celebrity power otherwise she would have (and should have) been fired after the first task.

The second day arrived and Sinbad seemed irritated with Brett for being late again.  In Brett’s defense, he is a rock star and 10 minutes late is really early.

The men seemed to have pulled everything together despite the loose leadership they experienced.  I thought they had a better set up than the women.

There were different stations were people could take pictures with the celebrities in their different elements.

Daryl Strawberry seems to be the strongest player, celebrity-wise, because many people came in to take pictures with him.  Daryl is really surprising me.  I thought he would be a quiet nice guy that wouldn’t last too  long, but now I am seeing he has the capability of going all the way since the show seems to be more of a popularity contest than who really does the best job.  Not that he is doing a bad job.

The men failed to guide the people to the different stations and give them any direction.  They also did not explain any of the products.

They did utilize the Kodak gallery website where all the pictures would be placed for people to access which I thought was a great idea.

The women had sub-par decorations compared to the men, which is unusually.  They also had stations for people to take pictures, but didn’t seem to be as organized as the men.

They had Sharon Osbourne handling the refreshments.  That wouldn’t be so bad except Sharon fell ill the day before and was coughing all over the food.  She covered her mouth with each hand and passed out cupcakes and drinks with those hands.  That about made me sick, as I imagine most of the people that accepted food from her actually did become sick.

The women had a couple stations where people could pick up the pictures they took.  The problem was it was a table with pictures spread all over.  We could hear comments that people have been looking for the pictures for 20 minutes.

The women had a lot of equipment plugged in which would trip the breaker.  Instead of leaving some things unplugged, obvious I know, they would turn everything back on and the power would go off again.  It happened many times and I thought that may cost them the win.

The women did better than the men in two areas. First they had someone telling people what it was all about and where to go when the first entered the room.

They also had Summer Sanders explaining all of the products.  I think that is the reason the women won the task.  Kodak makes money when people buy merchandise and the pictures were great, but nobody was shown the available products on the men’s team.

In the board room the women seemed nervous and the men seemed close to confident.  During the task Holly Robinson Peete was preparing to through Maria under the bus if they lost, but they could have easily thrown Cindy under since she couldn’t stay focused and was a distraction.

On the men’s team there really wasn’t anyone to blame other than Sinbad.  I tried to think of a reason to blame one of the other men, but there really weren’t any reasons.

Sinbad brought Brett Michaels and Rod Blagojevich back to the board room.  He brought Brett because he left for a while to cool off, and Rod because he couldn’t bring any of the others, or so he said. I think he brought Rod back because he just doesn’t like him.

With just the three of them, there was no way out for Sinbad.  The men were being respectful of each other for now. I don’t know that it will continue as time goes on.

Sinbad was fired and his parting words from the car ride home were to say whatever you have to in the board room; throw someone under the bus if you have to and then apologize and shake their hand after.

Now after watching a couple episodes I can see Brett Michaels and Rod Blagojevich being fired next, but it is hard to see any of the others.  I suppose more will be revealed when they are the project manager.

On the women’s team I think Holly Robinson Peete will go to the final two women.  The othe woman will be either Cindy Lauper or Sharon Osborn.

I think Holly will make it because she isn’t afraid to show her claws, but she doesn’t have the celebrity that Sharon and Cindy have.

I think Maria Kanellis and Salita Ebanks will be the next to go from the women’s team because Holly marked Maria and Salita doesn’t get much face time which usually means she won’t last.

I think Summer Sanders will last longer because the Kodak execs singled her out as being one they would hire on the spot for her role in the task. I just don’t think she can play with the other girls when they start bearing their teeth.

If it comes down to fighting my top two picks on the women’s team would have to be Holly and Sharon.  Cindy has celebrity, but she seems slow and lost when it comes to strategy.

On the Men’s team I can’t tell who the fighters are.  They all seem to have a head on their shoulders.  I would say Daryl will be one of the two because of the money he can bring in.  Either Michael Johnson or Bill Goldberg will be the second.

Michael seems smart and able to play the game without putting himself and risk.  Goldberg is huge and intimidating, but also does what needs to be done to get the job finished.

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