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Day 24 – My 30 Day Challenge

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I got another 5 downloads today.  That makes 305 for this challenge so far.  I still have only received traffic from one of the ebook directories that I posted the information about my ebook.

I didn’t receive any clicks today nor did I receive any sales.

Total Earned: $0

Day 23 – My 30 Day Challenge

Today was another slow day.  I had 5 new downloads bringing my total to 300.  I didn’t get any new clicks or sales.  All it takes is one so there is still time to make some money before the challenge is over.

Total Earned: $0

Day 22 – My 30 Day Challenge

I was able to check my downloads today and I have 10 more bringing the total to 295. I didn’t get anymore clicks on my affiliate links nor did I get any sales.

I haven’t received any traffic from the last ad I placed so I will go back to the category on craigslist that I used originally and see if I can get some clicks from that.

Total Earned: $0

Day 21 – My 30 Day Challenge

I am not sure about the traffic today for the ebook.  One of the sites I use to track it is currently having some issues.  It should be available tomorrow.  I have had at least one more download, but can’t be sure about any more.  That brings the total to at least 285.  Tomorrow I will have to include the downloads from today.

There haven’t been any new clicks or sales and the one sale I had canceled within the 30 day window so I won’t be getting anything from that.  Nine days to go and the amount earned is back to $0.  After the challenge I will continue to update my progress with the other strategies I have been working on.

Total Earned: $0

Day 20 – My 30 Day Challenge

Today I only had 2 more downloads bringing the total to 284.  I didn’t get any new clicks or new sales.  I did place an ad in craigslist under a different category to see how it does. Tomorrow should let me know how that went.

Total Earned: $24

Day 19 – My 30 Day Challenge

I had 6 more downloads bringing the total to 282.  I had another click so now the total clicks is 17.  I didn’t get any new sales so the total there is still 1. I will start marketing tomorrow again.

Total Earned: $24

Day 18- My 30 Day Challenge

I had ten more downloads bringing the total to 276. No new clicks and no new sales.  I didn’t do any marketing today and probably won’t until Monday.

Total Earned: $24

Day 17 – My 30 Day Challenge

Another day of little progress.  Even a little bit is good.  I am up to 266 downloads now, but no new clicks or sales.

This has been a good test run as I have learned a lot from it.  Next time I will do a little better.

Total Earned: $24

Day 16 – My 30 Day Challenge

I had 8 more downloads today bringing the total downloads to 259, but I didn’t have a single new click so clicks are still at 16.  I haven’t had any new sales either so total sales remain at 1.  

Now I think I will place more ads.  I don’t want to do it too often and risk getting banned.

Total Earned: $24

Day 15 – My 30 Day Challenge

Half way through the challenge now.  I didn’t get a chance to place the ads today.  I received 5 more downloads today bringing the total to 251 and no new clicks.  I was disappointed with the results today.  I have ideas for a revised version of the ebook which will include a link to a website that will capture email addresses and then send emails to the list periodically with tips and more links.

Total Earned: $24