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This past week I finally saw some sales on my extreme sports site.  I have been getting people filling out the registration form, but they weren’t going all the way through the process of buying something.

The first sale was a little odd and did concern me.  It was through paypal, but the “ship to” address and name were different than the one on the account and it wasn’t verified.  The telephone number was also different.  The product they ordered was out of stock so I didn’t have to call to verify the order or anything like that.

The second sale was different.  It was  a new paypal account so nothing had been verified. The name and address where the same.  I googled the name and found it to be a real person that seemed to live in the area.   I tried the address, but they must be unlisted.  There is more I can do to verify before sending the product.

Those were the only two sales so far, but I didn’t expect a big rush anyway. Over time more and more sales will come in.

My blogs are all still active and they are all now being seen by the search engines.  So far I haven’t received any revenue from them, but it does take time.  I do get more followers on twitter everyday for at least one of the blogs after a post.

The ebook I wrote is also still bringing in revenue even though I haven’t done anything to promote it for months.  It isn’t much, but I do seem to get a check every couple of months.

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#1 Travis W on 12.15.09 at 8:47 pm


I’m glad to see some orders kick in. That’s always a fun turning point. Keep up the good work!


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