My E-commerce Site Delays

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DollarSignI originally had intended to launch a new e-commerce site today, but had a major setback with the manufacturer.  The product was supposed to take about 15 days to create and then about a week to ship so I gave about a month from when my order was confirmed to when I wanted to launch the new site.

After 17 days with no word from the manufacturer, I sent an email asking when the product will ship out.  I received a reply stating: “We will  try our best to ship you the order tomorrow.  Will let you know the tracking no. the next day.”

Okay so it was going to be a little late, but I was excited they were shipping out the next day.  This was six days ago.

This morning I received another email.  I use gmail to check my various email accounts for me and if you aren’t familiar with gmail when you receive an email it will show the subject followed by the beginning of the body of the email.

This is what I saw this morning: “Dear Jordan, I am so sorry to tell you that. Our factory…”.

That is all I could see.  I thought of all the horrible things that could follow that fragment.  Our factory… burned down, was raided by the police, was destroyed in an earthquake, lost your order, doesn’t have record of your payment.

I was a little nervous about seeing what the next few words were the followed. I reluctantly opened the email and discovered they messed up my order and I could either accept the errors or wait an additional 15 days for them to fix it.  I opted to accept the mistake since it wouldn’t effect sales.

I order this product from China.  I have ordered products from China in the past without any issues so I wasn’t too concerned.  About six years ago I ordered a bunch of glow sticks to sell on eBay.  They were bracelets and sold for around $25 for a tube of 100.  After shipping a tube would cost me about $3 each, but they came in a tube of the same color so I had to sort them to put 5 colors in each tube.  I put some time into it, but did make a profit over several months.

I am not sure if the product will really be shipped out “A.S.A.P.” as stated in the email but I sure hope so.  I pushed back the launch to October 1 now which should give the product enough time to get here.

The goal of this new e-commerce  site is to fund my other sites and projects that I have slated.  It is going to take some time to build up traffic, but I only need to sell about 10 items and then I can order 50%-100% more than this initial order.

I will post some updates here from time to time about the progress of that site so be sure to check back.


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