Is Your Task A Maze

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mazeDo you remember trying to figure out the right path through a maze as a kid?  When I was a kid I would always do mazes backwards.  I found it much easier to start from the finish and make my way to the start.

In life the same approach can lead to success.  If you have a goal that you wish to accomplish it really needs to be defined.

What ever your goal may be, it needs to be defined enough so you will know when you get there.  Goals like “make lots of money” or “be happy” aren’t clear or measurable, but if you wanted to make an extra $500 a month from the Internet or own a Dodge Charger SRT-8 (I got one!) you will know when you reach that goal.

Once you have your goal clearly defined, brainstorm ideas that can help you reach that goal.  Do you have a skill or hobby that you could turn into a business?  Do you have a service that you can offer to others?  My wife enjoys making cakes and started a business baking cakes for weddings, birthdays, and special occasions.  She markets the site on facebook, craigslist, and organic searching.  She gets about two cake orders a month right now from it, but her traffic is going up every week.

When planning out what you will do, you don’t have to know everything.  The important things to know are where you are now and where you want to end up.  You can work on the details as you go.  If you tried to plan out every step you will take along the way, you will probably never start.

Sometimes the path we think will lead us to our destination will lead to something else that will get us where we want to go.  Other times we hit a dead-end and have to turn around and go a different direction.  You will learn so much more by taking action than by planning.

Once you are clear on your destination the maze will clear up and you will see the road to take and the destination ahead.  It will no longer be a maze of turns and dead-ends, but will be a straight path directly to your goal.  Instead of relating your journey to a maze it will be a game of connect the dots.


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