My 30 Day Challenge Summary

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I intended to post a summary of what I learned and what happened the days following the challenge, but I didn’t do it.

After it was over I didn’t have much activity.  Since that time, I have had one new sale but the trial period is not over yet.  The vendor for that program is the same as the other sale I had and they have since changed their commission format.  Now I will get $22 per lead instead of $24 per purchase.  That would have made me profitable for the challenge, but they made the change after so I didn’t get credit for it.

I have decided that was a slow way to do it and I am sure there are other things I could have done to promote the ebook a little more.  Since that time I have decided to spend a small amount of money and work on Pay-Per-Click to promote affiliate products.  So far I have made $19.77 from the content network and have only started the search network today.

I am split testing 4 versions of an ad and waiting to see which version does the best so I can hone in on that.  I just got them up this morning so I have had 16 impressions but not any clicks.  I am using 11 exact keyword phrases to optimize my clicks.  My goals is to at least double what I spend every day.

I will update this more often so you can follow along with my progress.


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