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For this challenge I have decided not to make it about my extreme sports site, but instead about blogs.  Right now I have over 25 domains that have something on them, but I am only using 5 of them for real stuff.

Here is what I am going to do.  Every day for the next 10 days I will create a new niche blog and post every day or at least 5 days a week.

I had many of these blogs set up to pull content from the Internet and that way it updates everyday with new content. The problem with that is it isn’t original content and some of the content that it pulled wasn’t given credit so there were legal issues.  I had a plugin that would pull the feed from RSS feeds and post the content on a subject.

Now what I will do is post snippets of new content with links to the original source while still adding a paragraph or two of unique content.

The goals is to build the sites up so people will come back for the fresh content.  As a result, my hope is to make at least $30 a day with each site from adsense, other ads, products, or anything else I can think  of without making the advertisements too prominent like kontera ads.

I just started yesterday so I only have two blogs set up now, but I will post here to keep you updated.

The first blog is about investing and financial information.  The second one is about real estate investing. I have the others all lined up.  They are in niches that have a lot of interest and the clicks from ads are more than $1 unlike the flash cards site I have where I am lucky to get $0.10 a click.

All the blogs I am going to do are going to be starting from scratch.  I own the domains, but I am going to do a fresh install of wordpress and delete everything that was there.  This blog and the flash cards site are not going to be included for a couple of reasons.

This site is unorganized ramblings that don’t seem to have a purpose.  If I decided on a purpose or a niche for this site and posted everyday the traffic would increase and the clicks would be worth more.  The flash card site just doesn’t bring in much revenue even though it receives over 4,500 visits a month.  I will soon be switching to a different revenue source and see if I can make more than $1.50 a day from all that traffic.

I am still writing articles and lenses for the sports site and adding products, but I wanted to make the blogs the challenge, because it is much easier to track and progress should come quicker.

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