And Now There Are Seven

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And Now There Are Seven.  No I am not talking about how many kids I have.  I am now up to seven blogs that I am updating everyday with fresh and helpful content.  I have three more to create, but haven’t decided on them yet.  I know which one will be for tomorrow, but not the last two.  I’ll go through my domains and see what is still available.  I know I have at least two that aren’t doing much.

So far I haven’t received any revenue from the blogs, but they haven’t been around long.  One of them did receive a legitimate comment the first day and I am getting some followers on their respective twitter accounts, but no money yet.


One thing I discovered about using wordpress from these blogs is that wordpress now blocks search engines from crawling your blog by default!  This is something new and must have started with version 2.8.4 because it was the other way before.

The problem with this was that I never had to check the privacy section before and didn’t notice on some of my other sites that have been up for a few months until today.  I was so confused why I wasn’t getting any traffic and just assumed that google analytics wasn’t working on those sites, but now I know.

Anyway, I have checked all my recent sites and fixed the problem.  I have also gone back and checked the seven blogs and found I forgot to check the box on one of them.

I have adsense on all the blogs and have added CJ or clickbank links on most of them if there is an applicable product.    They each have their own twitter account to attract people to the sites.  I’ll post again soon.

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