Arachnophobia Experience

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Ever since I watched the movie Arachnophobia I have always been weary 0of spiders in the shower.   It isn’t like I though they would come out of the drain and the shower head like in the movie, but I was always suspicious that one would jump on me if I turned my back.

There was a spider a spider hanging around the shower for a couple days. I would blow on it and it would come towards me instead of running away.  The steam would usually chase it away.

This morning it wasn’t moving anywhere. I blew on it and it would hunker down and then move towards me when I stopped. Since the movie this wasn’t the first time since a spider has been in the shower and I have never seriously thought I would have an Arachnophobia moment.

So there I was keeping an eye on that spider. I noticed it put its legs together on either side and I thought jokingly to myself that it was getting ready to pounce.

I turned my back and seconds later I looked down and saw the spider curled up in the water on its way to the drain.  I couldn’t help smiling at the effort the little spider went through to get me.

Now that I have proof that spiders attack while in the shower make sure you protect yourself from the spiders, the next one may not miss.

How To Shake A Hand

I shake a lot of hands and because of this I experience a variety of handshakes.  There are three things that some people do that make me lose interest in that person or what they have to offer.

Before I get into it, I found a video that briefly covers the three areas I am about to cover.

I really like that video, and not just because it was created before clip on mics. It explains the psychology of what the different handshakes mean.

In business, your handshake is an important part of your first impression and if you make a bad impression it can greatly effect your career.

The least annoying of the three is the limp fish handshake. To me it implies that the person has no confidence in what they do or what they are about. Sometimes they can’t even put in enough effort to slightly cup their hand.

What you can do about it

You have probably shaken hands before or you have at least seen it done. If it is a matter of not enough practice, find a partner and practice shaking hands.

If you have a limp grip, get a racquetball and squeeze it several times a day to build the strength in your hand so you no longer will have a grip of a two year old.

The second type of handshake that annoys me is the hand crusher. A firm grip is important, but it isn’t a squeeze until you feel bones snap type of situation. This is something that is common among high school teenagers, but you need to grow out of it and shake a hand like an adult.

When someone tries to pull that on me and I see their face start to contort as they squeeze my hand, two things come through my mind. First, “don’t you think it is about time to grow up?” and second, “this person is not going to be easy to deal with!”.

What you can do about it

You do know your own strength, so practice applying a firm grip but there is no need to flex your muscles. A handshake is not a contest. Well, it isn’t a contest for everyone else anyway.

The third and most annoying thing I see people do when shaking my hand is not a type of handshake at all. It is something mentioned in the last seconds of the video above… Eye Contact!!

When you shake someones hand, you must look at them in the eyes. To me it implies the person would rather be doing something else, they are granting me the courtesy of shaking their hand, they are trying to get to the person they really want to shake hands with, or something similar to that depending on the situation.

What you can do about it

If you are the one looking avoiding eye contact you probably don’t realize you are doing it, so what you can do is pay attention when you shake someones hand.

If the person you are shaking hands with is avoiding eye contact, say something to them like, “Nice to meet you”, or “Good to see you again”. Speaking to them will often draw their attention back to you.

The next time you shake someones hand be sure to give a firm, but not bone crushing grip and make eye contact.

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How To Spin Articles With Spinner Chief

How I spin articles with Spinner Chief. I made a quick video that quickly demonstrates how I spin articles for SEO.

The secret to effectively spinning an article is to manually pick the synonyms rather than letting the program do it automatically. It does take a little longer, but the articles are usable and it is faster than writing several versions of the same article.

Here are the guidelines to use when spinning an article.

  • Every word in the title needs to be capitalized
  • Every word should be spun in the title if applicable
  • No indentation on the paragraphs
  • There must be a blank line between paragraphs
  • Spin every 2-4th word in each paragraph
  • Chosen words must flow together
  • Choose 3-5 synonyms or more if possible

You can get the free program by clicking the link here for Spinner Chief. There is a Pro version that has more features to make Auto-Spinning more effective.

What A Frustrating Mess

It has been a while since I last posted anything. There has been a lot of activity with my sites. A friend of mine had a biz opp membership site that he leased to me. On paper it looked like it would do fantastic, or at least to the numbers I was given. I dumped around $8000 into in marketing. The leads cost me $60 and the people would pay $2.97 for a three day trial. After the three days they would be charged the activation fee of about $99 and then it was about $44 a month after that.

The numbers work out if I get better than 60% activating. Well, I was getting more like 40-50% and then of those who were moving forward about 10% of them were doing a chargeback instead of requesting a refund which cost me an addition $25 on top of the refund.

We tried a few different traffic sources some of them had a little bit better retention rate, but nothing like where my expectations were set.  We added some upsells that helped a little bit, but after paying for leads, $5 per buyer per month,  and merchant fees I was done several thousand. I was able to pull a couple thousand out, but over all I was done.

The upsells gave me a glimmer of hope. That is until the new awesome traffic source had some fraudulent traffic sent my way.  The fraudulent traffic coupled with my merchant provider getting into a little trouble with the feds caused my account to be cancelled. When a merchant cancels your account they keep all the money that was coming to you for six months. They were also keeping 12% of all transactions for a reserve account.  I was using the money to pay the thousands of dollars in fees that I seemed to owe everyone.

I wasn’t the only one who had my merchant account shut down. I heard there were around 100 shut down that day including some sites that were running over $100,000 a month through. A couple of the other guys leasing the same system were also shut down.

The guy we used for the traffic tried to find a new merchant that would let us keep all the billings we had waiting to go. After two months of hearing tomorrow or next week I have given up. I had about $2,500 in rebills ready, but after such a long time I fear that if I ran them, they would mostly chargeback.

My friend in the mean time tried to set up an affiliate network for all of his systems and asked me to be the admin. I could still work at home and it looked like I could make between $2,000 – $6,000 a month so I agreed. I did a lot of work getting that setup and creating new sites for new users. I also added a lot of content for a separate offer where I would be one of only 3-5 that would share in the massive profits that were expected to come.  All this was based on commission, but the potential was huge.

Two months is a long time to go with out serious money coming in and after about 3 weeks of my friend and the guy we got the leads from avoiding my calls, texts, and emails I gave up. I had to go out and get a job, something I never wanted to do again.

It is a good job and it will help me to support my family while I work on my other sites. They will grow slower than I had hoped, but at least I don’t have to rely on them for income.

I learned a lot from this experience. I had another friend give me some good advice. He said never get emotionally involved in business. If it doesn’t make sense on paper then walk away.

I am on a new mission now. I need to get my money working for me and protect it from harm. I am still making a little extra from my websites and doing SEO for a company and that will help fund my new website that should help me finally make it.

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Jimmer Fredette Jokes

  1. Some people wear Superman pajamas. Superman wears Jimmer Fredette pajamas
  2. Jimmer Fredette is the reason Waldo is hiding.
  3. When Jimmer Fredette crosses the street, the cars look both ways.
  4. Jimmer Fredette can win a game of Connect-4 in only 3 moves
  5. Jimmer Fredette is what Willis was talking about.
  6. Jimmer Fredette can give himself CPR.
  7. Time waits for no man, unless that man is Jimmer Fredette.
  8. On a trip to Italy, Jimmer Fredette rested against a building for 3 seconds. That building is now known as the Leaning Tower of Pisa.
  9. Jimmer Fredette invented the word ‘indestructible’.
  10. If it looks like chicken, smells like chicken, tastes like chicken, but Jimmer Fredette says it’s steak, then it’s steak.
  11. “Jimmer Fredete: The Movie 3-D was considered by Warner Brothers, but the technology to create the visual effects will never be possible.
  12. Jimmer 3:16, For God so loved the world that he sent Jimmer Fredette, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.
  13. Jimmer Fredette once killed two stones with one bird.
  14. March Madness has been renamed to Jimmer Madness.
  15. When Jimmer Fredette was born, he was given the name The Jimmer
  16. Jimmer Fredette can swim through ice.
  17. Jimmer Fredette knows no boundaries, the boundaries know him.
  18. Not even Kanye interrupts The Jimmer.
  19. Jimmer Fredette knows the unknown author.
  20. Jimmer Fredette is the eighth wonder of the world.
  21. Jimmer Fredette’s PC never crashes.
  22. Live Simply, Love Generously, Care Deeply, Speak Kindly, Leave the rest to The Jimmer.
  23. TNT named a show after the arms of Jimmer Fredette; Law and Order.
  24. Jimmer 24:15 “…But as for me and my house, we will serve The Jimmer.”
  25. WWJD: What Would Jimmer Do
  26. Some kids pee their name in the snow, Jimmer Fredette pees his name in concrete.
  27. Jimmer Fredette’s tears could cure cancer… if he ever cried.
  28. Jimmer Fredette doesn’t chew gum, he chews tin foil.
  29. Every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that He is The Jimmer.
  30. Jimmer Fredette’s account was terminated at because nobody is a match for Him.
  31. When Jimmer Fredette was in Junior High his English teacher assigned an essay on “What is courage?”. He received an A+ for turning in a blank paper with his name at the top.
  32. The earth is rotating because Jimmer Fredette is breathing.
  33. The last digit of PI is Jimmer Fredette.
  34. Everything that has a beginning, has an end…except Jimmer Fredette.
  35. Jimmer Fredette can see UV light.
  36. Never, ever name a Hurricane Jimmer Fredette.
  37. I before E except after Jimmer Fredette.
  38. Jimmer Fredette can hear his phone ring on silent.
  39. Jimmer Fredette can use a shake weight without looking gay.
  40. The reason the Antichrist has not yet come is because Jimmer Fredette still walks the earth.
  41. Jimmer Fedette is the only man in the world to defeat a brick wall at the game of tennis.
  42. If the Army could recruit Jimmer Fredette, it truly would be an Army of One.
  43. Jimmer Fredette’s enemies list Him as the emergency contact.
  44. Jimmer Fredette has appeared in every single Star Wars movie. He played The Force.
  45. Jimmer Fredette will not taste death, death will taste Jimmer.
  46. Faith without Jimmer is dead.
  47. Ask not what The Jimmer can do for you, but what you can do for The Jimmer.
  48. Brigham Young University is set to be renamed Jimmer Fredette University.
  49. Jimmer Fredette’s hand can beat a Royal Flush.
  50. Facebook was renamed to Jimmerbook.
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The Ultimate Fighter Finale Winner Is…

Season 12 TUF Ultimate Finale.

Nam Phan has the opportunity to fight a UFC fighter. Usually they fight other fighters from the house, but this time he is fighting Leonard Garcia who has fought in the UFC several times before.

The fight was better than I thought it would be. I’m not familiar with Leonard Garcia so I couldn’t say who I thought would win.  They both had some rocking strikes. I thought Nam won the first round.

Garcia picked up the pace for the second round, but it didn’t last long before Nam was able to get back into rhythm.  Nam teed off on Garcia and almost had a TKO, but Garcia was able to curl up. Nam was able to get his back, but Garcia was able to defend against the choke. Nam won the second round.

The third round started like the second. Leonard was aggressive and wore himself out and then Nam started in. Garcia was tired and Nam took  advantage  of it. This round didn’t have a clear winner. Nam Phan was robbed and lost to Leonard Garcia by split decision. I personally don’t think Nevada should use ice skating judges anymore to judge MMA.

I was impressed with Leonard Garcia after the fight. He is a good sport even with the crowd booing him.

Johny Hendricks vs Rick Story was up next.  Rick Story won 29-28. It was an even fight.

Cody McKenzie vs Aaron Wilkinson. Cody went in quick and attacked the neck of Aaron. Remember Cody is a guillotine expert.  He forced the tap out in about two minutes.  The thing is he didn’t even have it locked in under the chin, but he was squeezing and twisting his head enough to break something if he didn’t tap.

Demian Maia vs Kendall Grove. It wasn’t a close fight, but Demian Maia didn’t finish it and left it to the judges. The judges called it 29-28 for Demian Maia.

Stephan Bonnar vs Igor Pokrajac. Bonnar controlled all three rounds and won despite losing a point.

Michael Johnson vs Jonathan Brookins.  The fight we have been waiting for. Michael Johnson is quick and strong. He has improved a lot over the course of the show and he likely improved since the show. If it stays up, he will win.  If it goes to the ground, Jonathan will win.

Jonathan Brookins is excellent on the ground. His stand up is decent, but Johnson is better in that area.  I want Brookins to win and I think he will.

The fight started and Johnson landed some jabs. Brookins leaves his head straight up and doesn’t tuck in his chin.  He will get knocked out that way.

Jonathan had Michael up against the fence, but couldn’t take him down.  Johnson is looking his best. He is quick and landing the strikes.  Michael tagged Brookins and dropped him.  Jonathan wrapped up and was able to save himself.

Michael tagged him again and landed several knees. He is really working over Jonathan Brookins. Michael Johnson has really worked on his cardio. He is a completely different fighter from that last time we saw him.

Michael Johnson clearly won the first round. The second round was more of the first. Jonathan Brookins was still standing straight up with his chin out, but he was able to take Johnson own and get on top. He landed a couple good strikes on top.  This is Jonathan’s element and Michael has to get up or it could end here.

Jonathan did an excellent job of keeping Michael down and dropping some elbows. Michael got out with a minute and a half left, but Jonathan was able to take him down again and drop more elbows.  This round was all Jonathan Brookins. Time ran out before he was able to get a submission. It is 1-1 now.

The third and final round will decide the winner of The Ultimate Fighter season 12.  Jonathan went for a take down.  If he can get Michael down he will win. If Michael can stay up, he will win.

Jonathan did get him down, but was fighting for control. He used up a lot of energy trying to get Johnson on his back.  Brookins was able to mount Johnson up against the fence, but Johnson reversed and stood  up.  Brookins did a lateral drop and ended up on top. This is where he will win if he can stay busy with his ground and pound.  He has to do some damage to lock in the win.

Jonathan Brookins started to drop some elbows to make sure they wouldn’t be stood up.  The fight ended with Jonathan Brookins on top and, in my opinion, won the fight.

The judges came back with a score of  29-28 for Jonathan Brookins.  Michael Johnson had an awesome first round, but Jonathan had a superior ground game and better conditioning.

Jonathan Brookins really needs to work on his stand up if he wants to go far in the UFC. I am sure his coaches will understand that and help him. If he can improve at boxing, he will be great.

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Could Have Spell Check Saved The Task On The Apprentice?

We left off last week with the knowledge that one more person was going to be fired.  Trump called them back in right off and asked them each why he shouldn’t fire them and who was the weakest player.

Brandy and Clint both talked about their accomplishments and said each other was stronger than Liza.

Liza didn’t tell Trump what she could do for his company. Instead she talked about how it would help her. Big mistake. Trump didn’t call her out on it, but I sure noticed.

If you are in an interview, the interviewer wants to know what you can do what you can do to help the company.   You need to sell yourself and let them know how you can benefit them and why they should “buy” you instead of another “product” on the shelf.

In the end Donald Trump fired Liza. It was the obvious choice. I did feel bad for her partly because her facial expressions remind me of one of my sisters.

Clint Roberts and Brandy are the final two. Trump brought back six of the fired applicants back, but this time he divided them into two teams and Brandy had the choice of choosing the team or the task.

The two teams were Anand, Stephanie, and Liza on one team and Steuart, Poppy, and Mahsa on the other.

The tasks were a celebrity golf tournament or a dinner with a performance by Liza Minnelli.

Brandy choose the first team because she did not want to be on the same team as Mahsa. I don’t blame her for that.

Clint got first choice on the task and he choose Liza Minnelli, which surprised everyone. That left the golf tournament for Brandy.

The tasks started and each team had a member that had experience in that area. Liza was a pro golfer and Steuart grew up in the hospitality industry.  What I really liked was how the others deferred to their suggestions even if they didn’t agree.

One thing I have to bring up is about Anand. If you remember he was fired for cheating and lying. He sent a text out to try to get customers at the chariot task and then lied about it when Trump confronted him.

Don Jr visited Team Brandy and took a jab at Anand. He asked if Anand was going to watch the cheaters.

Brandy was in charge of prizes as part of the task. She didn’t know what to do so she told Liza and Anand to go get $1,000 gift cards. I didn’t think that was a very good idea for celebrities.  In my opinion the “trophy” is more important than the function for people that have money.

The big mix up on Team Brandy was with the photographer. Brandy told him Trump National, but she didn’t specify which one and the photographer went to the wrong place.  That isn’t a task killer, but that isn’t all that happened.

Brandy was also tasked with setting up who will golf with Donald Trump. Trump requested that Liza be in his group. The problem with that is Brandy will be done a person during the task.

The trouble on Team Brandy is nothing compared to what happened on Team Clint.  Clint was in charge of the signs and brochures. When the team got the signs they noticed Liza Minnelli was spelled Liza Mineli on all of the printed material!

They spent $4,000 and only had $1,400 left to fix all of the signs. The episode ended before we could see Clint’s reaction to finding out, but if he can’t fix it he could easily lose the task for that reason alone. Celebrities are a sensitive bunch and a misspelled name can be an insult.

It will be exciting to see who wins. In the beginning I thought Brandy would be one to make it to the finals. That was until she started playing the victim. It looked to me like she got burned out and rode the rest of the way off of her performance in the beginning when she was strong.

It worked for her and she made. Now we will find out if she will be the Brandy of old or continue on the down the same road.

Clint was ready to go from the beginning, but we didn’t seem him shine for a couple weeks. Once we were able to take notice he kept going strong and proved he deserved to be in the finals.

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Update On The Flash Cards Site

It has been almost a year since I have posted anything about Internet marketing. I had posted about my flash cards site and how it was doing in the search engines.

Back then I was getting 2000-4000 visits a month. I made some projections about adsense earnings based on the click through rate.  At the time I expected to make just over $9.00 if I had around 8,000 visits a month.

I am now averaging over 16,000 visits a month and 74,000 page views, but my earnings are about half of what I expected.  Google also updated their keywords research tool results and the keywords are actually searched less than they were before.

These are exact results from the Google Keyword Tool in order of traffic received.

Printable Flash Cards is searched 2,400 times a month.  I am number one for the keyword and get about 1,450 visits a month.

Multiplication Flash Cards is searched 6,600 times a month. My site has been moving and is currently number 5 and gets about 850 visits a month

Number Flash Cards Printable is searched 590 times a month. Number one for this keyword and I get almost all of the traffic at about 540.

Alphabet Flash Cards is searched 3,600 times a month. Number 6 here and get about 380 visits a month.

Printable Flashcards is searched 1,000 times a month. I’m numero uno here and also get about 380.

These are the top five keywords that bring traffic to my site. The numbers are based on Google which accounts for almost 67% of my traffic.

After reviewing all this information I realize that I should be making a lot more money than I am. I have ads on there other than adsense, but have not made a cent from them.

Next I will try placing ads in different places and see if that helps conversion. I also will put some affiliate links to related products on Amazon.

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The Finals Are Decided on The Ultimate Fighter

This week Jeremy Brookins and Kyle Watson are fighting in the semifinals first. I still thought this was should have been the final fight, so it should be a good fight.

They are on the same team so they know how each other fight which will also make for a good fight.

On Team Koscheck, the coaches have all but quit. Some of the fighters are really upset with the lack of training.  At the house Koscheck Jr had a little to drink and was imitating him.

In walks Koscheck while Marc Stevens is mimicking him. Josh let it go because Marc was drinking.  I think it helped Josh wake up and realize he let his team down.

Nam Phan seems to have let his victory go to his head. He talks about people behind their back from what the other fighters are saying.

The fight between Kyle and Jonathan starts. I would like to see Jonathan win it and move on to the finals, but Kyle would be an honorable winner as well.

They started feeling each other out and throwing jabs. Kyle landed a leg kick that turned Jonathan.  Jonathan went in for the take down and ate a knee along with a few strikes.

Jonathan went for another take down and got it, but wasn’t able to do anything and Kyle got up, but not away.  Kyle was able to land a couple knees and break away.

Jonathan got another take down with Kyle against the fence. Kyle is a good jiu jitsu guy so he had good defense. Jonathan slowly worked on improving his position and didn’t do much ground and pound.

He finally ended up in Kyle’s guard and that is when he let his hands fly.  I think Jonathan stole that round because of the two take downs and the ending flurry of strikes he had that were close to knocking Kyle out.

The second round started like the first with jabs and dancing around. Jonathan went for a take down quicker and kept after it until he got it.

He was back in Kyle’s guard, but this time he wasn’t against the fence. Jonathan pushed Kyle against the fence and landed a few good strikes.

Kyle pushed him off, but gave up his back and Jonathan pounced. He wasn’t able to get any hooks in as Kyle slowly turned and protected his back.  Jonathan landed some good elbows, but Kyle was able to turn around and lay on his back.

There was a lot of fighting for position, but not a lot of striking from either fighter. With two seconds left, Kyle got up. Jonathan won that round. Kyle has to knock out or submit Jonathan to win the fight now.

The final round began and they are both tired. Kyle looked a little slower, but he drove in as the aggressor. Jonathan turned him around into the fence and Kyle broke away with a knee.

Jonathan went for a take down and got it with Kyle sitting against the fence. Kyle got up and landed a few good strikes, but Jonathan countered with a pretty nice slam.

It looked like Jonathan’s strategy this round was take Kyle down and stay on top until the round was over.  He elected to lay on Kyle rather than ground and pound or improve his position for a submission.

The round ended and Jonathan clearly won 30-27.  Jonathan Brookins will win the finals.

Kyle did well defending himself from submissions and started off strong, but Jonathan dominated him in the end.

Next episode.

Nam Phan has separated himself from his team and his team doesn’t like him. It is too bad. I like how he was a graceful winner.  Josh Koscheck really wants Nam to win to save face.

Nam Phan and Michael Johnson are fighting next. I think Michael is stronger than Nam, but Nam is a better all around fighter in my opinion.

Nam doesn’t have the respect of his team and that could have really effected his training. Nobody wanted to train with him so he was by himself.  That could give Michael the advantage.  He has both teams routing for him.

The fight started and they went for it. Michael got the quick take down, but Nam did throw elbows the entire time. Michael let him up and took him down again. He let him up after it was clear he took him down.

Nam caught Michael’s leg and Michael went down. Nam landed some good strikes, but Michael continued his strategy of take him down and let him up.

The good thing about this fight is both look like they want to win.

Michael looks better in this fight than his previous fights. He landed strike after strike and he stayed busy. Nam was getting worked over.

Can Michael continue the pace? He didn’t have good cardio in past fights and Nam has endurance.

Michael cut Nam’s right eye and blood was pouring down. It was affecting his vision, but he didn’t quit.

The round ended and Michael won. I think they were both tired and I don’t think Michael can keep the pace he had in the first round. The next round could give us the winner.

The second round started slower and Michael applied the pressure, but Nam was able to fight the take downs. He landed some good strikes and body shots.

Michael looked like he was going to get a take down, but Nam ended up on top and let his hands go.  He let Michael up and that may have been the confidence Nam needed. Michael wasn’t able to score much after that and Nam connected a lot more.

There wasn’t a clear victor of the second round. It could have gone either way.  I think Michael landed more so I would give it to him.

The third and final started. If Nam won the last round then the winner of this round wins the fight.

Michael was aggressive again and got the take down pretty quick. He ended up in Nam’s guard. Nam was busy and through elbows.

Nam got up and Michael went after him. Michael took him down again, but Nam got up pretty quick. Nam has to do something to convince the judges because Michael is controlling the pace of the fight.

Michael kept the pressure and won the majority of the exchanges. They were both tired at the end and Michael won. At best Nam won one round.

The judges came back with the results and it is a split decision. Michael Johnson won. I think he deserved it. He has improved a lot over the weeks and I am really impressed with how well he did.

Jonathan Brookins and Michael Johnson will fight in the finals. If the fight were to happen right away, I would give it to Jonathan Brookins. There will be time for the fighters to train at home before the finals and Michael Johnson has really improved over the course of the show.

Michael Johnson is stronger than Jonathan, but Jonathan is a better fighter so it could go either way.

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Down to Three on The Apprentice

I have skipped a few episodes of The Apprentice, and it isn’t because I stopped watching.  As the season moves on, I like the show better. In the beginning it bothered me that the contestants seemed to have a goal of protecting themselves rather than do their best and win.

This last episode was down to the final four. It was Clint and Steuart on a team and Brandy and Liza on the other.  The task was to pick a product, price it and sell it on QVC. The team with the highest profits would win.

Clint was Project Manager for his team and Liza was Project Manager for her team.  Clint and Steuart had a strategy of leading the women to believe they wanted the watch, when in reality they wanted the purse.  They also wanted the second time slot so they would have time to prepare.

I don’t know what the time slots were, but there are peak times and slow times on QVC. Last time they did a QVC task, one of the times was peak and the other was not. It would have been interesting to find out about the times.

Clint ended up getting the product and the time he wanted. It lit a fire under Brandy which was nice to see.  Brandy started out looking like a star and I was sure she was going to go to the finals.

The last three weeks, however, she looked like she checked out.  Instead of doing her best and proving she should be there, she took on the role of the victim.  She found reasons why she would be thrown under the bus if her team lost.  Her performance really dropped. I was disappointed.

I don’t know how Liza made it so far. She should have been fired in the first few weeks, but somehow was able to stay alive in the board room.  My impression of Liza is she is young and inexperienced. She doesn’t have good ideas until after the fact. There were many episodes that I wanted her to get fired, but she really wasn’t the reason the task was lost.

Steuart impressed me until he was PM. I think he is a great team member, but not a great leader.  I couldn’t see him winning, but he is talented.

Clint at first I didn’t think he would go all the way because he is definitely not a New Yorker, but I think that ended up being his advantage. He seemed to me to be an honest person with integrity. He didn’t play politics like the others.  Even when he wasn’t PM he took up the slack and did what he could.

In this task I would have picked the watches or the scarfs. The reason for those are the demographics. Women around 50+ are general into colorful watches. They also wear scarves to hid their necks.  It would have been easier to sell a lot of both items.

The purse is more expensive and with the economy the way it is, I thought women would watch their spending.

On the women’s team Brandy didn’t offer much assistance when Liza would ask for her thoughts. Her go to answer was, “It’s your decision”. I was really hoping Brandy would wake up and shine again, but she looked physically tired and worn out.

In the end, Liza won by about $800. That meant Clint and Steuart were in the board room and one of them would be fired.

I didn’t think Clint would go, but they way Brandy had been skating by I thought it would be the two men in the finals.

I was happy to see that Clint and Steuart were civil and maintained their integrity. Neither of them attacked the other. Clint just did better at selling himself and Steuart was fired.

In the next episode Trump will fire someone right away.  I have two differing thoughts about who that will be.

If Trump wants to pick the best two out of the three, he will fire Liza.  However, Liza did finally win and Brandy had been slacking off.

Everyone except Liza and her family knows she doesn’t have a chance of winning the whole thing, but Trump might really want Clint and he knows if he puts Liza against Clint, Clint will shine. He didn’t do it in the last task, but the final tasks aren’t based solely on profits.

The next episode will be exciting to see.